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  1. AgPete139

    TRS Banner in Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana

    I've been coordinating the Banner with DoorGunner for a while now, and I'm gauging interest with how many people can sign it or want to pass it along. It's currently in St. Louis, will be making it's way down to New Orleans in the upcoming weeks. I can bring it back to Houston, and drive it up...
  2. AgPete139

    Cracked D44 Housing? Need help/guidance/opinions

    Hey guys, Just pulled the pinion gear out of my Dana 44 HP, and saw this. Is this a natural casting, or an outright crack/fault. Can it be welded for strength, leave it alone, or what? I think I'm overreacting because I haven't taken notice to this before. Sent from my Nexus 5 using...
  3. AgPete139

    Ford's Stock V8 Powered Ranger to Dakar Rally

    Don't know if this was posted yesterday (I didn't see it): http://www.autoblog.com/2013/07/30/ford-ranger-dakar-rally/ I think this is awesome. For those that don't follow certain racing events like Formula 1, the Baja series, or famous Dakar Rally, this could be a game changer for Ford on a...
  4. AgPete139

    AgPete139's 1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Project

    Hey guys, I'm just going to throw a bunch of pics in here (since we all know we love them), and hopefully you can figure out what's going on. As she stands now, 4/20/2013 - 4/20/2013: Kleen-ed the inside of the tank. Carbs kept fouling/gunking, and I threw screws, nuts, bolts, & washers...
  5. AgPete139

    How To Wire Welder Plug Outlet

    Hey guys, So I got a question for all the electrical & welding gurus. I moved into a house, and I don't know why my welder isn't working. I also have to wire a new connection to the new dryer outlet.:bawling: Dryer outlet: 125v/250v, 30A Wires: Green, White, Black Welder...
  6. AgPete139

    AgPete139's Green Ranger Thread

    ((Will add more pictures IF I find them possibly when I first bought it:)) Howdy, So, I've been here for the last freakin' decade and I've finally decided to make a thread for the RBV (to catalog it, instead of having pictures all on my phone or roaming around the depths of my PC). It's...
  7. AgPete139

    Methinks someone's been lurking TRS:: Craigslist Ad Houston

    Anyone know a Preston Ludwig on here? Apparently he's got an SN95, and is on Westside Mustangs as well. Wow, looks a lot like the Tech Library. Just thought it was interesting and that I'd share. TRS is everywhere: http://houston.craigslist.org/pts/2468220803.html...
  8. AgPete139

    Ranger Rice & Ranger Freeloader Pics

    Ranger pics taken in the past 2 days...who knew? I like how the dude is holding on, kind of chillin, and it makes you wonder if he's actually serving some purpose back there... Ha. The other was spotted today. Stock Ranger 4 cyl. AND...now, the biggest shackle I have ever seen... 300...
  9. AgPete139

    Trs hats --we have them now !!!

    Mods, please sticky this if you can. I've been waiting for better weather & lighting to snap some pics. I asked my buddy to have a photoshoot with his Nikon D6037234%^$#, but he was uber busy with work & school. :icon_twisted: Sorry for the mediocre pics, as it was taken from my apartment's...
  10. AgPete139

    Idler Pulley Troubles

    Has anyone had trouble with their idler pulleys shearing off? Friday: Truck first make a slight squeal, once every 10 minutes. Very minor. Didn't think anything of it. Saturday: Nothing. Sunday: I was late for an appointment, and drove about 75 mph, mainly in 4th gear. Began to smell rubber...
  11. AgPete139

    Radio Flyer Wagon - Mazda B1600

    This is fun. :icon_welder: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/10/12/alaska-couple-makes-radio-flyer-car-pickup-truck/ Pete
  12. AgPete139

    1992 5.0 Mustang GT - bad jerks & idle

    Very unusual driving shudders & idle:eek: Hey guys, I've had a problem with my 1992 5.0L Mustang GT for the past couple months... (please read) :icon_confused: At idle 800 rpm, my engine suddenly drops to 200 rpm every 6 seconds. When I am cruising in 5th gear @ 2000 rpm @ 70 mph, the...
  13. AgPete139

    Discrepencies between body styles & years?

    The Craigslist posting states: 1997 Ford Ranger 4 door standard 5 gear shift Miles # 153649 4.0 Engine No TITLE! (lost) Runs good just needs a new batterie and some minor interior work. 18" rims I'm not interested in buying this, but was just curious about a couple of things. That...
  14. AgPete139

    Anyone seen this Texas Truck? Houston / Tomball area

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone has spotted this Ranger in the Houston / Tomball area: early 2000's (guess) -- Single Cab Yellow -- Sliding Rear Window 3" Body Lift -- No bumper bracket adjustment 32" Tires I've spotted it a couple times, and was wondering if we knew him here...
  15. AgPete139

    '92 Mustang GT 5.0 ___ Electrical / Pro Advice

    Hey TRS-ers, My 1992 5.0 GT had water damage back during Hurricane Allison (2001). It had professional work done before I bought it (new carpet, ragtop, radio), but my electricals are acting up. Everything seems to come in pairs. Let me explain: Passenger power lock sometimes wants to...
  16. AgPete139

    FUEL LOSS - LEAK? Expertise Needed! HELP!

    Fellow TRS-ers, I smell fuel (strongly) every time I drive my truck. I do not smell any when I stop. Since a week ago, my mileage has decreased dramatically. I usually get ~22 mpg with my setup, but now get 12-13 mph. I have not done any offroading in the last few months. Last week when I was...
  17. AgPete139

    TOO FUNNY! Some1 actually owns this car

    Some of you guys know I like well made German and Japanese Imports. I build motors at work and tinker on Supras all the time. I am looking for a commuter car on Autotrader, and came across this Civic. :pray::pray::pray...
  18. AgPete139

    Technical Advice on Explorer Needed (Pics)

    Hey TRSers, I am getting a FREE 1998 Explorer 4.0L auto today. 70,xxx miles However, I believe it had the cruise control short (without the fuse added) and it had an engine fire. I tried looking through the threads for solutions on how to drive it off the lot, and I have not seen the actual...
  19. AgPete139

    TRS Anniversary - Carpool & Caravan

    Hey everyone in the Southern Midwest area! (Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi) I will be driving to the TRS Anniversary with a passenger in a car that gets 30 mpg, and was wondering if anyone else was going. Perhaps we could start a caravan and carpool thing started...
  20. AgPete139

    4.0L Tach Install Question & Rough Idle

    Hey Guys, I bought a brand new Super Pro 3" tach from a guy on Craigslist for $15 last week. :yahoo: No cut wires, or tampering, but it does have a small external scratch from storage. :black_eye: So here I am. I took the tach apart and switched it for 6 cylinder engines. I spliced the GREEN...

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