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  1. RangerFabWorks

    94 ranger 4.0 losing power.

    I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. On the 94 ranger 4.0 I got. I’m having an issue. It will run perfect cold. Idle. Rev out. After about 10 mins of running. It will lose power more and more. And start popping through the throttle body. Unless you put it to the wood. Then it wakes up. Also...
  2. RangerFabWorks

    99+ m5r2 starter questions

    Quick question. Im using the 99+ m5odr2 trans from a 4.2 f150 in my ranger. I have the clutch and flywheel from a 95 f150. what starter do I use? The one for the 99 f150. Or the one for the 95? Thanks.
  3. RangerFabWorks

    Anyone hate speed density as much as I do?

    So I picked up a 1991 f150 5.0 automatic. Long story short. 93k miles. Barely ever driven. Super clean truck. I did the usual. Plugs. Wires. Coil. Cap. Rotor. Air filter. Fuel filter. O2 sensor. And map sensor. Clean the throttle body and iac. And I replaced the entire exhaust. truck runs...
  4. RangerFabWorks

    2000 ranger 3.0 manual swap

    I have a 00 ranger. 3.0. The automatic has seen better days. Wanna swap a manual in. Local to me is a 03 Mazda b3000 with everything I’d need. I know the trans will work. But will the computer and trans harness work? I know I have pats. I can either swap everything over or have it tuned out. thanks
  5. RangerFabWorks

    Finally. A permanent power steering whine fix!

    I’ve had my share of fords over the year’s. Every single one has the horrible steering whine. Mercon v flushes. New pumps. Multiple bleed procedures. Never could seem to get the noise to go away. Ive seen in the tech articles about using a Saginaw pump to eliminate the noise. Problem is, those...
  6. RangerFabWorks

    Wanted M5r1 for a 3.0 2wd

    Anyone have a good m5r1 for a 00 ranger 2wd. With a 3.0? Somewhat close to. NY. will travel within reason. Will also need the clutch pedals. Driveshaft. And computer. Thanks.
  7. RangerFabWorks

    Finally bought a new welder.

    So I’ve been using my airco dipstick 160 for all my heavy welding. And a few years ago I bought a Hobart handler 140. Well I started to really dislike the Hobart. And it never burned hot enough for me. Plus I’ve always wanted to have a tig welder for doing precise welding. So I finally sold my...
  8. RangerFabWorks

    Explorer oil pan question

    Alright. Only asking cause I looked and haven’t found anything. can I use the oil pan from a 2000 explorer 5.0 in my 90 2wd. It’s a rear sump pan. Or do I need the fox body pan? Thanks.
  9. RangerFabWorks

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    I wouldn’t call myself a chef. But I do enjoy cooking and trying different recipes out. So let’s get this going. Post a picture of something new you tried to cook. And how it came out. I’ll get this started. Made general tso chicken from scratch. I followed a recipe from one of my favorite...
  10. RangerFabWorks

    Anybody have experience with Mabbco engines?

    I’m having a hell of a time with engines lately. And browsing the internet. I found a company called mabbco motors. There out of Tyler Texas. Seen a few videos on YouTube about there engines. I’m just looking to get a short block. Anyone have any experience with them? Or know where I can get a...
  11. RangerFabWorks

    Free 4.0 ohv engine mounts and trans mount.

    Bought brand new from rock auto. Sold the truck and forgot I had them. Pay the shipping and there yours. Purchased for a 96 explorer
  12. RangerFabWorks

    Anybody else out of work due to the beer disease?

    I’m out for atleast 2 weeks. Anybody else out? if you need me. I’ll be in the garage trying to get this damn ranger done.
  13. RangerFabWorks

    Wanted WTB First gen gauge cluster.

    Looking for a first gen gauge cluster. Doesn’t need to be in working condition. Let me know whatcha got
  14. RangerFabWorks

    Thinking about upgrading my car trailer.

    So currently I use a 1988 landscape trailer for towing. I don’t use it terribly much. But when I do. I find myself wanting a wider trailer. I’ve priced a few different car trailers. And so far I’m thinking a 18’ wood deck would suite my needs. I’m trying to keep to 2600 and under. I think I...
  15. RangerFabWorks

    Just picked up another 302

    Found this on the local ads for 100.00. Looked clean. Spins free. Came with the intake. Took a gamble. Looks to be a 77-81 block. So gonna need to scrap those heads ASAP
  16. RangerFabWorks

    My new tow rig

    So close friend of mine bought this 2002 e350 van brand new. Always serviced it regularly. Just had a new transmission out in last year. It failed its yearly inspection this year due to some frame rust by the steering box. He offered it to me for a really good deal. So I decided to fix it up...
  17. RangerFabWorks

    Question for the experienced body guys

    I’m in the middle of body working and painting my ranger. I have a gallon of evercoat feather fill g2 to spray once I’m done with the body work, So I can block sand the body as perfect as I can get it. Once I’m done with all my sanding. Do I need to seal the feather fill with a primer sealer...
  18. RangerFabWorks

    Stepping out of the ranger world

    Well fellas. Many of you know. Ive had a RBV in my life since the time I was 14. From the first blackwidow. To the BII. The frankenranger. And the Blackwidow2.0. They’ve all been fun and loved dearly. But after my recent heart surgery. And life changes. I’m pursuing my dream truck. See. Since...
  19. RangerFabWorks

    Best all terrain tires for under 1000.00

    Alright men. (And ladies!) my 99 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 is in need of tires. I’m currently running Goodyear duratrac 285/75/16. And I’m not a fan of them. Noisy. Suck in the wet weather. And they only lasted 20,000 miles. I’m upgrading to 315/75/16. And I’m looking for some all terrains. I don’t...
  20. RangerFabWorks

    How’s everyone else’s Saturday?

    Mine was going decent. Have a little Toyota that I’m fixing the door on. Took a shot under the handle. Had it all metal worked. Body worked. Base coat went on no issues. Laid out 2 coats of clear. Went to lay my final coat. And my gun spit out blue paint. (My clear gun finally crapped out. And...

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