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  1. Ranger#1


    ok heres the deal iv bin looking for days and i cant find a good answer on what kind/size/material/ of hiems i should usse for my radius arms so far i think 1 to 1 1/4 cromo teflon race any idias ? iv bin looking at these...
  2. Ranger#1

    cool stuff congrats jim

    http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.therangerstation.com :yahoo:
  3. Ranger#1

    yeay relays

    hers one one for you guys i have power to both of my relays but i tun the key on and the fuel pump runs and shuts off ok cool but when u take the key out it does the same thing runs for 2 sec. than shuts off wtf:yahoo:
  4. Ranger#1

    Dont forget to check thiss out

    ITS A CURRENT PROJECT THAT I HOPE WILL BLOW UP INTO A WEALTH OF INFO SO PLEASE POST YOUR KNOWLEDGE:icon_thumby: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68952
  5. Ranger#1

    glamis ?

    anyone going out thiss weekend im going looking to meet up with some people ?:headbang:
  6. Ranger#1

    what the.. heated regulator

  7. Ranger#1

    cb distance

    i know thiss is a verry open subject but what is a very even number in distance than i can expect from an avrage cb system im talking chepo $30 radio and a 6 foot firestick somewhat tuned :icon_confused: i live in the dezert so trees arent a big issue just foot hills
  8. Ranger#1

    Which diff cover???

    x2 suportor of trs and you dont really relise how thick 3/8 is untill you have it in your hand
  9. Ranger#1

    tap vs. continuous control

    so lincoln has there new line out and i was browsing and was like hmm how often would having an infinite voltage control come in handy and is it a cost efficient thing to have on a mig
  10. Ranger#1

    cut and turned ttb pic

    where the hell is that pic that shows the diff in ground clearence between cut an turn at the ball joint vs further up on the beam
  11. Ranger#1

    ranger gen change

    wheres the link to the list of rangers and ther changes over the years i cand find it anymore :icon_confused::icon_thumby:
  12. Ranger#1


  13. Ranger#1

    byrons "ranger#1" 4x4 long travel build up

    alright i live in the desert and i hate whoops and having 9 inches of travel soooo i either have to move out of the state or build a truck that can handle the desert floor and i chose :icon_welder: i first pulled my doner beams out from underneath a 1993 expo. with 99000 mi on it leave it to me...
  14. Ranger#1

    cut off wheels

    whats your prefrence in 4 1/2 cut off wheels i usally buy the chepos for 5 for 5$ but i go through them like butter especially when the grinder starts hopping :annoyed: i cant get em to stick on the meterial
  15. Ranger#1

    d35 lower ball joint relocation

    has anyone done the math and figured out how much you have to push that joint out to elamate drop brackets on a 4-5 inch lift most likley a 4 inch lift :icon_confused::icon_thumby:
  16. Ranger#1

    radius arm

    does anyone make a lazer cut tab/plate/eylet the part of the radius arm that goes to the beam im going to make a set of full tube set of radius arms and all i really need is thoes to ends
  17. Ranger#1


    any one got pix of a port and polish done to one of these 4.0 heads just wanted to know how crazy some people get
  18. Ranger#1

    what size is the torx bit for the head bolts

    :dunno:what sise is the torx for the head bolts i belive they are torx heads i need to pickc one up cause somone got a 4.0 the the range with 99000 mi:thefinger::headbang: and the rod and main barings look tits but i need to get the heads off first lol thanks a bunch
  19. Ranger#1

    Lowering a 4wd?

    twin traction beam =4x4 twin i beam =2x4
  20. Ranger#1

    surprising phone pix

    just some of the lucky shots iv taken with my phone its pretty funny how clear a phone can take pix and my fave

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