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  1. legoms013

    88 Bronco 2, accessing dashboard ductwork

    So I have a friend who had some rings slide into the air vents closet to the windshield (defrost vents) of her automatic BII. I know all about 96 and up dashboards since I did a cab swap and swapped a 96 out for a 2000 dash. But know literally nothing about earlier model RBV dashes. Can I...
  2. legoms013

    Putting a 1998+ Cab on a 1993-1997 frame

    Author: legoms013 (AKA Evan) Ever wanted a newer Ranger cab, with the swing out rear doors on a twin I-beam equipped frame? After all it is much easier to swap in a solid axle on the earlier frames since they were already set up for coils than the torsion bar Rangers. Best of both worlds...
  3. legoms013

    Fluttering speedo

    So my speedo needle flutters pretty bad and varies about 10mph after I reach or surpass about 30mph. I have a 1996 4x4 drivetrain. I just got done putting a 2000 cab onto it. I retained all electrical everything from the 1996. I have checked all grounds to be on bare metal and ground straps...
  4. legoms013

    1996-->2000 MAF swap

    Someone tell me if this will work, my intuition says it should but maybe I'm wrong. My 96 4.0L has the cone style filter with a cylindrical shaped MAF housing. This uses a small white pigtail connector with 4 wires/pins. My 2000 4.0L has the square box style air filter and external MAF with a...
  5. legoms013

    2001+ cab on a 1996 frame

    Anybody know how well or not well a 2001 or newer super cab would fit on my 1996 frame? I rolled my Mazda 4x4 and want to swap cabs out but wondering if I could get suicide doors out of this! Thanms
  6. legoms013

    flexplate replacement

    What all do I need in addition to the new flexplat? This is for my 1996 Mazda b4000 with an auto. The flexplate gave out yesterday and will be dropping the tranny here tonight! Thanks
  7. legoms013

    SuperRunner Idler Arm Beefage

    So a while back I made a new idler arm to replace the Superlift one. The goal was to make something stronger and that could accept the LARGER and more COMMON Chevy leaf spring bushings (Like RuffStuff sells). Well I accomplished that just fine. Now the dilemma is that the bushing wear out...
  8. legoms013

    Speedometer correction devices -opinions?

    I'm looking into buying a Superlift Tru-Speed or a Jet Accu-Speed speedometer correction module. Or another brand if someone has some suggestions. Anybody have any experience with either one? Opinions? I have 4.88's and 33's, and will run 35's someday. My speedo reads between 80 and 85 when...
  9. legoms013

    TTB D35 3rd Member Removal

    1) Question, will a D35 pig come off the beam, without having to remove all the outer knuckle parts? I have done the c-clip elim mod, have SJ long arms, and 6.5" of lift.....I'm trying to minimize the tear down process for my regear, just wondering if it is possible to weezle the D35 out of...
  10. legoms013

    1-Piece Driveline Slip Joint

    If I wanted to move my axle back an inch to help clear the fenders....will the 1-piece driveline I've swapped in still have enough travel on the slip joint? Or will it be to short. Just by visual inspection it looks like at static ride height that the slip joint is 60% ish collapsed. Just...
  11. legoms013

    4.56 gears vs. 4.88 gears for 33's

    Cost wise its slightly cheaper to go with 4.88's for my D35 and ford 8.8. My thinking is that I have it all apart, and only want to re-gear once. I do alot of driving on the highway, but wouldn't mind if I had to drive slower. I know 4.56's are slightly deeper than what a 33'' tire desires...
  12. legoms013

    Cheapie Radiator & Leak

    I replaced my radiator 2 years ago thru a friend who owns a gas station...I paid around $130 for what was supposedly a good radiator. I installed it myself. Maybe I got hosed I dunno.. But, it is leaking now, from the right most,m lower corner where the metal is crimper/rolled around the side...
  13. legoms013

    Modding/Dropping Centerlink Pivot Points

    How much should I drop my centerlink? 2" is what 4x4 Junkie suggests, and what I was going to do originally. But it looks like I could go 2.5", or even 3". Is that asking too much of the Superlift idler arm? Eventually the Superlift bushings will get replaced with a stiffer compound bushing or...
  14. legoms013

    Backspacing for 33x10.5 tire?

    Don't want to keep the stock wheels, so what backspacing should I get for 33x10.5 tires? Same as stock (4.5" right?), 4.25", 4.00" or 3.75"? I wouldn't mind if the track width was a hair wider than it is now (31x10.5 on 15x7 stock wheel). Going with Procomp 15x7 or 15x8 98 series black...
  15. legoms013

    Stonecrusher pic request

    I need a picture of the saddle and heim joint on the Stonecrusher steering setup. Anybody willing to post a pic or two of theirs? I want to see what kind of spacers are used, and how much angle the heim can take inside of its saddle. Just looking at what I might need to make my own similar...
  16. legoms013

    Upgrading to larger TRE's?

    What do I need to know to utilize larger TREs on stock Dana 35 TTB knuckles/pitman arm? I'm thinking some kind of Dodge or Chevy full size TRE's....whats commonly used on custom applications? I want to make a TRE version of the Stonecrusher steering setup, TREs on the knuckles, pitman arm, and...
  17. legoms013

    Dana 35 Axle beam Pivot Bushings

    I need to replace the rubber bushings on my passenger side beam, winching sideways the other day caused the pivot bolt to shear through the side of it. Question being, what is better? I could get replacement ones with the steel sleeve (rubber, like OEM) for the same price as James Duff's...
  18. legoms013

    Rear Brakeline Extention

    Can I use the brakeline's specified in this tech article to extend my rear line? I'd only need one not both. http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/ReplacementBrakeLine_Front.html If not anybody know some part numbers of some cheapie rubber lines for maybe a full size pickup that work...
  19. legoms013

    Nor Cal Trails

    Besides, Fordyce, the Rubicon and the Signal Peak/Grouse Ridge trails, what else is there to be had here in Northern California wheeling wise, that isn't say super difficult? Thanks
  20. legoms013

    Freeze plug Replacement

    I've come to find out that my "headgasket" leak is actually a freeze plug that is weeping. Its the farthest one forward on the passenger side. How hard are they to replace? It looks hard. And I suppose I should replace all of them since they all might be marginal? Maybe a motor swap should be...

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