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  1. Kenneth S

    2.3 motor mounts interchange?

    The motor mounts should bolt right up.
  2. Kenneth S

    1991 Ranger "black" relay

    Been having a intermittent battery drain on a 1991 Ranger, and I think I found what's causing it. There is the "green" relay (fuel pump), a "brown" relay (EEC), and a "black" relay on the passenger side fender well. I noticed with the key off the "black" relay was pretty warm so I bumped the...
  3. Kenneth S

    91 Ranger 2.3 problem(s)

    Since I don't mess with the EFI Rangers that much I need some help. My brothers 91 Ranger started running real rough, and pouring out black smoke on his way to work. It cleared up before he made it to work, the first problem is that he has to un-hook the battery because sometimes it will...
  4. Kenneth S

    Who want's a "Plastic" 2.3??

    This is something I remember from the early 1980's, pretty wild for the time. A plastic engine based off of the Ford 2.3 Lima! http://www.autoneuroticfixation.com/2012/09/plastic-race-engines-polimotor.html
  5. Kenneth S

    88 Ranger bad ecm?

    I'm working on a friends 88 Ranger with a 2.9, and a 5 speed, it was sitting for a few years, and he changed out a few things to get it running. New: Fuel tank. In tank pump, and sock. High pressure pump, and filter (blew out the fuel lines). Fuel pressure regulator. IAC. TFI module. It was...
  6. Kenneth S

    4R44E harsh shift into drive

    My sister is looking at a 1997 Ranger with a 2.3, 2wd, and a 4R44E automatic transmission. The trans seems to work ok when you go from park to reverse, or from drive to reverse. But when you go from park to drive, or reverse to drive it shifts really harsh (it will spin the tires some on gravel...
  7. Kenneth S

    Updated 2.0, 2.3, and 2.5 Engine family.

    This thread contains information from Jspafford, Yakk, 510ranger, pacodiablo, TBRONK, scotts90ranger, pitsrule, (myself, Kenneth S), and other sources from the internet. (I hope that Jspafford, and the others are ok with me combining all this information, and adding additional information)...
  8. Kenneth S

    Ranger speedo question

    Does anyone know what year the speedometers on Rangers went from cable drive to electric?
  9. Kenneth S

    T5 main case question

    I have a WC with a cracked case (some idiot dropped something on it). Is a NWC main case (which I all ready have) the same as a WC main case? or do I need to find a WC main case.
  10. Kenneth S

    The V8 RBV gas mileage thread!

    I know that this has been asked a 100 times before, but it always becomes a "V8 who cares about gas mileage thread". I'd like to see your combination in as much detail as possible (weight, tires, gearing, manual trans, auto trans, 2wd, 4wd, efi, carb, intake, cam, etc, you get the idea). I plan...
  11. Kenneth S

    2008 2.3 ranger.

    2001 was the first year for the duratech (2000 was the last year for the Lima) so you have a duratech, unfortunately I don't know much about the duratech, and I don't of anyone who does (it's still a "new" engine).
  12. Kenneth S

    Fords "plant" in south america

    This is intresting. http://info.detnews.com/video/index.cfm?id=1189
  13. Kenneth S

    Swaping bodies!

    I have been kicking around the idea of swapping a 93-97 extended cab body on my 88 (that has a extended cab). Does anyone know if the chassis are different between body generations?
  14. Kenneth S

    EFI questions

    On my 88 ranger the previous owner removed and lost some of the pieces for the fuel injection, I have the intake manifold's, throttle body, IAC, injectors, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, injectors, all the sensors, and the wiring harness for the injectors, dist, and sensors. The plugs for...

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