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  1. chilsam

    Full time swap out

    Has any one swapped out their full time transfer case for a part time?:icon_confused: Mines doing the explorer shudder when warm in turns.98 5.0 Explorer ...LUV IT!:yahoo: THANX!
  2. chilsam

    98 Explorer

    Just bought a 98 Explorer 5.0 n VERY HAPPY but when it warms up from driving it kinna shudders in turns when taking off from a dead stop not when cold or when going straight even hot:icon_confused:I'm THINKN AWD transfer case issue:dunno:????? THANX!
  3. chilsam

    T-5 tranny

    behind a SVO turbo 2.3 has anyone done this with a transfer case and if so which one? "Divorced NP 205 2 heavy" Wanting it for on road mostly "SNOW" sub contracting for rural route mail delivery in a bronco II.THANX!:icon_welder:
  4. chilsam

    Rite thread? Mercruiser 470

    Has this swap been done? The +'s aluminum block any 429,460 head CJ,SCJ,PI or aluminum and CJ connecting rods & 4 barrel intakes available.The -'s bellhousing would have to be fabbed or adapted and possibly cooling sys and the $ .May be alot of work but if it could be done these things would be...
  5. chilsam

    2.0 head on ebay

    Remanufactured $25.00 as of now #160749675453 :icon_thumby:
  6. chilsam

    PLEASE HELP WITH COOLANT bubbling out of reservoir tank

    Thermostate some have a BLEED hole in them is mounted in the right "O'CLOCK" position?:icon_confused:
  7. chilsam

    Cam timing

    What are the symptoms of cam being out of time by one tooth? I'm trying to decide if it's this,ignition or possible clogged catalytic converter :icon_confused: THANX!
  8. chilsam

    Mild drop and rides like crap!

    Had to cut the bump stops down on the 89 3" drop made a diff.Not illegals just slave labor for republicans and southern democrats! LOL:icon_cheers:
  9. chilsam


    Got the 87 2.3 manual with a 87 Mustang 2.3 T5 manual fired up problem is it starts and idles GREAT but after about 5 mins the idle surges up in RPM's.If I shut it down and restart it idles fine for about 10 seconds then surges again.I'm thinking bad sensor? Air in cooling system? Any idea's...
  10. chilsam

    Good deal yes or know?

    I was at a friend of mines shop borrowing a metric tap told him it was to tap out the 95 header flange on my 87 2.3 ranger and he asked me if id be interested in a turbod 2.3 out of a t-bird he thought.We went over and he pulled off the tarp and there sat the motor "complete" & T5 tranny I...
  11. chilsam

    fuel pump not engaging

    87 ranger manual tranny I can prime it with ether and it fires right up,when I turn the key on I can here the relay click but no pump noise? The inertia switch is set.Are the 2 pumps hooked up to the same circuit? If 1 or both are bad can I replace the low pressure pump in the tank with 1 from a...
  12. chilsam

    oil level senser

    Swapped a mustang 2.3 in place of a roachd ranger 2.3 kept the stang oil pan on it,do I leave the oil level senser wire disconnected or ground it out? Iv looked thru the forums and I know its been discussed but I cant find it.THANX!:dunno:
  13. chilsam

    valve train

    Does any1 know if 2.9 rockers and rocker shafts & pushrods will work on the 4.0?:dunno: THANX!
  14. chilsam

    Mustang 2.3 & T5 tranny

    Lucked out and a friend GAVE me a 87 2.3 with 5 speed ranger,his brother swapped in a 87 mustang 2.3 with a T5 transmission. I have to figure out witch system to use the mustangs bell housing is mechanical only should I fab up a bracket for a "hyd" slave cyl or adapt the mustangs mech "cable"...
  15. chilsam

    what shocks to use?

    shocks I used 67 gto rears, workn fine:D
  16. chilsam

    Recomend me rear shocks for a 4" drop.

    shocks I used the shocks for a 67 gto,el camino,chevelle,buick gs,olds 442,upper bushings r a little smaller ID wise but a little tranny fluid on the stud and they went right on.Hope this helps.:icon_idea:
  17. chilsam

    It's done ii

  18. chilsam

    86-87 aerostar 2.3 exhaust manifold

    Does any 1 know if the 86-87 2.3 aerostar header type exhaust manifold will work on 87 2.3 ranger? :dunno:
  19. chilsam

    86-87 aerostar 2.3 exhaust manifold

    Will 86-87 aerostar 2.3 4 cyl exhaust manifold "Header type" work on 87 2.3 Ranger? THANX!:dunno:
  20. chilsam

    comprsr wrks wen hot wird

    Swapped in a 91 4.0 into and in place of 89 2.9 ranger 5 speed "ITS GREAT" Compressor engages when hot wired and ac light comes on when switch is pushed on but compressor does not engage any ideas on what to check? THANX!

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