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  1. Daringo

    87 Ranger - Blinkers work sometimes / Hazards always

    So I replaced my turn signal assembly twice now (first replacement had cheap hazard switch break off). Over several months, I've noticed my turn signal not working from time to time - about 10% of the time. But now, it pretty much does not work 95% of the time (but still does every now and...
  2. Daringo

    Go for Rebuild or Stick a Fork in it?

    Well, my transmission is going out. I should be thankful I got a year's use out of it before it came to this. I figure I might get a few more months out of it with some tender driving. But let's be real, this is a 1987 Ford Ranger that even if it had a good trans in it, I might be able to get...
  3. Daringo

    Removing Rivets by Drilling and Air Hammer

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share my experience popping out my first rivets. It went a lot smoother than I had planned and wanted to share how I went about it... WEAR EYE PROTECTION! First, I went to Harbor Freight and picked up a new variable speed drill ($13) and air hammer kit w/5...
  4. Daringo

    2-Piece to 1-Piece Driveshaft questions

    Hey all, First I have a 1987 Ranger STX SuperCab 4x4 AT. I have found a few 1-piece driveshafts out there and I have a few questions: - The how-to article states 47" weld-to-weld, anybody know how long it is with u-joints and flanges? Bascially, boltup-to-boltup distance. - I found a 1-piece...
  5. Daringo

    Custom Driveline Shop needs More Specs - Please Help

    I requested a quote from a local custom driveline shop for a 1-piece rear drive shaft for my extended cab 1987 Ranger STX 4x4 AT. Here is the reply I received... "We will need the specs to build a 1 piece before we can quote you. CV or no ? Tranny connection? Rear end connection ? Overall...
  6. Daringo

    Please Help identify this Axle / Gear Ratio

    Hey all, I think I have a Ford 7.5 axle with a 4.10 Gear Ratio. My "little metal tag" reads: A3890 4SL10 757A15 My truck came with 235/75/15's (which are about 29 inches) . According to the wheel size/gear ratio chart, I gained some MPGs and lost some power when I upgraded to 31 inch...
  7. Daringo

    A4LD 4.0 to 2.9 questions

    Hey everyone, I found on craigslist (that my thang) a torque converter and A4LD tranny from a 91 4x4 Explorer 4.0. I have a 1987 Ranger STX 2.9 4x4 with an A4LD. Would this 4.0 A4LD from the explorer work with my truck? The guy mentioned the bell housing might need to be changed - is that a...
  8. Daringo

    Please help - Last step on Carrier Bearing

    Okay, changing out my very worn our carrier bearings but for the life of me I have no idea how to get the last piece off so I can slide to old bearing off. Can somebody please help! I have this all apart and need to finish it today. Thanks. Here is a picture:
  9. Daringo

    Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing Qs

    Please move if in the wrong section, but... Wanted your opinions on which of the following Drive Shaft Center Support Bearings I should get. The first one by Spicer looks like it has a lot less rubber then the OEM and second one pictured. And finally, here's mine (VERY mushy).. Oh...
  10. Daringo

    A4LD Governor Help

    Hey everyone, I'm getting the classic "won't shift out of first until it's warmed up" problem. I actually had this problem once before after a tranny fluid flush - and then it went away after 3 days. Worked fine for 6 months after that. So, from what I've read, a good place to start it...
  11. Daringo

    Transmission Fluid Fix Reviews

    Just curious as I am about to take to the plunge... What Auto Transmission (Fix) Fluids have you all tried here? And how effective were they? I will say right now that I know there is a risk in putting anything but the proper ATF in your tranny. That said, many of us here face $300+ solutions...
  12. Daringo

    Tailgate prices

    Hey folks, I went to the local Pick-n-Pull yesterday looking for a tailgate. Mine is a little banged up but serviceable. I wanted a straighter one for my new/use camper shell. Well, naturally the small pickup section is waaaay in the fricking back. Found my tailgate, walked it back to the...
  13. Daringo

    Craigslist Special - 1987 Ranger STX 4x4

    Hey everyone, love the website. I got my truck off of craigslist for ... a tool trade. I think we both valued the deal around $500. Well... here in California, passing smog is required to change ownership. Here is a list of things done in the last year, and things to-do. Done: - New Fuel...

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