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  1. xlranger

    86 ranger short bed freeeee

    its been cut and has some rot would be best for an off road rig s3t up located in oil city pa going to scrap in a month
  2. xlranger

    Bed liners free

    1 from an 86 ranger long bed reg cab. And one from a 94 ext cab long bed with rail caps. Going to dumpster tomorrow pick up only. Oil city PA
  3. xlranger

    For Sale 85 4x4 front axle

    Complete minus manual hubs tires and ps pump in pic will need new shocks and springs $50 no shipping
  4. xlranger

    Never received title

    Ok I'm hoping I can get some help on were to go with this bc the dmv never answers. I have a 86 ranger reg cab good clean title truck is heavily modified axles motor ect however the body is roached bad I was younger and didn't really know how hard it was to obtain a title without a bill of sale...
  5. xlranger

    For Sale 2.8 motor trans

    2.8 motor trans 5spd and case dont know anything about it motor was apart when got it and I dont need it so didnt ask basket case located cooperstown PA pick up only give me 50$ lots of salvageable parts
  6. xlranger

    Wanted Rangerxl emblems

    I am in need of rangerxl emblems for fenders. And xl emblem for front dash
  7. xlranger

    Best frame primer paint and finish

    So I'm at the start point of my 86 ranger xl shortbed v8 build and I just called a sand blasting place 2bills to sandblast and another 3 for any kind of paint/primer they say I know it sounds cheap but I have seen their work and it's good work they do alot of industrial so maybe why prices are...
  8. xlranger

    1986 ranger xl 2.8 part out oil city PA

    The cab is pretty rotted I just need the frame
  9. xlranger

    94 ford ranger part out oil city Pa area

    94 ranger part out 3.0 auto 4x4 rolled truck drove it home need something let me know
  10. xlranger

    86 ranger xl reg cab short bed build

    I'm new to the building process but not new to rangers I'm 29 I have had 9 so I know a little bit but dont claim to know it all so I'm glad to be here where all the knowledge is as I will need it for this specific build and never building one before so pics will be coming soon along with alot of...

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