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  1. Turbroke

    Ubuntu bunga binga bunga 14.1 Help!

    I finally did it. My laptop got one serious bugger of a RansomFoo! malware infection and pretty much melted down, so I ditched Widows, and swtced to Linux. (Ubuntu 14.1) I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm not geek material either. I can't figure out how to make the wi-fi work, or download...
  2. Turbroke

    Oh no! Another EGR delete question

    *Disclaimer* I am well aware of legal, environmental and technical issues surrounding EGR deletes. I'm installing a stainless steel header on my turboranger to replace the leaking stock manifold. I have two options: 1. install a bung somewhere to connect the EGR tube to. 2. Delete the EGR, and...
  3. Turbroke

    headers and egr. What to do?

    I have a stainless steel, stock placement header coming for my 2.3T. My manifold has a leak, and this was a steal on ebay. ($70.00 with shipping) Guy in CA bought it and realized it had no EGR bung and sold it. I don't want to delete my EGR either. (More like I don't want to re-tune, or I would)...
  4. Turbroke

    2.3t long haul trailering

    For y'all who helped me out with my swap; thanks again. All of the kinks are finally worked out now. The truck runs great and is a blast! What are your thoughts on towing with a 1990, 5 speed turboranger? I saw the old towing thread on this forum, but my situation is a little different. I want...
  5. Turbroke

    Who plays a musical instrument?

    Just thought it might be interesting to see how many musically inclined folks are on the forum. I started playing guitar when I was 9 and have been playing and performing regularly since I turned 16. I also play mandolin, bass and banjo. Music is a huge part of my life, and has provided me with...
  6. Turbroke

    2.3 missing under load & wot

    My turbo Ranger idles great and accelerates fairly well in 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd for a second, but the trouble really starts when trying to accelerate in 4th and 5th. Also when climbing steep grades right about at 2600 rpm. The turbo spools and the engine gets a regular miss and will not...
  7. Turbroke

    CTS and knock sensor

    I think I stupidly wired the knock sensor to the CTS. :annoyed:Could someone please tell me where each is located so I can correct this,? I have no manual. I think the CTS is in between injector 2 and 3. (Where I wired the knock sensor) Thanks!
  8. Turbroke

    Door hinge pin replacement

    The bushings are shot on my 1990 Ranger driver's side door, so I went to get a hinge pin kit. There were far too many to pick from, and none were even remotely like the ones currently on my truck which seem to be pressed on like a long rivet and not intended to be easily replaced. I picked one...
  9. Turbroke

    Power failure @ key start

    I just finished off the last bits on a 2.3t engine swap and went to turn the engine over. First key pos. is fine- lights come on/fuel pump kicks on, then turning to the next position to engage the starter I hear a knock coming from somewhere under the hood on the starter side that sounds like a...
  10. Turbroke

    Turbos and vacuum lines

    This is probably a dumb question, but wouldn't it make sense that the vacuum lines on a turbocharged intake do exactly the opposite of creating a vacuum. A turbo creates pressure vs. the engine "sucking" air through the intake. I'm hooking up vac lines today, and was wondering how this affects...
  11. Turbroke

    What do you love about your Ranger?

    In response to the "What do you hate about your Ranger" thread, I'm equally interested in knowing the flip side of that question. Surely everybody on this forum doesn't own one to address some weird, masochistic, self loathing issue because Ranger ownership satisfies their need for punishment...
  12. Turbroke

    Oh nO! How bad is this?

    The other day I finally got my nice clean motor and 5 speed tranny bolted back up and connected. :yahoo: - THEN------I found the little grease packet (unopened) that I was supposed to use on the splined shaft. :shok: Everything is greased and packed where it ought to be except this, and I REALLY...
  13. Turbroke

    Turbo swap eec re-pin

    I'm working on repining a 1990 Ranger xlt, 2wd, 5 speed for an LA3 Turbo coupe computer. My truck does not have a BMAP sensor for some reason, and there is not a wire located in pin #45. I am assuming I must install a wire there for the MAP sensor. Correct? Thanks for looking. I'm trying to get...
  14. Turbroke

    1990 2.3, 2wd, 5 speed question

    I noticed two wires hanging out of my tranny when I dropped it today, and don't know what they are supposed to hook up to. (This is a rebuilt replacement that I didn't install & I'm unfamiliar with it, and the truck.) The unconnected wires are on the passenger side, opposite of where the...
  15. Turbroke

    Wiper linkage access

    Could somebody tell me how to get at the windshield wiper linkage on a 1990, 2wd, Ranger? I'm pretty sure the clip has simply popped off the passenger side wiper arm, but I would appreciate some advice on how to get to it rather than poking around till I find it. I'm in the middle of a...
  16. Turbroke

    90', 2.3, 4X2, 5 speed tranny removal

    I'm certain I'm stating the obvious here, but this is THE toughest tranny I have ever unbolted, and I've done many. The engineers at Ford obviously didn't plan for the bell housing to be unbolted from the block EVER. (I'm swapping in a 2.3 turbo motor, and read advice stating to remove...
  17. Turbroke

    2.3 turbo swap. Any advice?

    I have a 1990 2.3 Ranger with 375,000mi. on the engine. Block is fine, but the head is shot. (still assembled) I have an 87' TC 2.3 with intake and exhaust (turbo) manifold. (on the stand) I'm having a hard time deciding what route to take for this conversion. :icon_confused: So far, I'm leaning...
  18. Turbroke

    "Back in the day" Old fart rants.

    I'm 46 years old and damn happy about it. I learned about life and how to be a man from my father and grandfather back in a time before cell phones, answering machines, cable tv, computers/internet, video games, GPS, On Star, seatbelts, central air conditioning, bike helmets, political...
  19. Turbroke

    1990 2.3 Turbo Ranger Build

    Well, here goes... I had to buy my buddies 90' Ranger XLT 2.3, 5 speed to put on an 87, 2.3 Lima Turbo Coupe motor I obtained as an "extra motor" that came with a 88' Turbo Coupe I recently bought. (AWESOME CAR!) I've been lurking around this site for a month gathering info, thought I'd share...
  20. Turbroke

    New from Tennessee

    Hi y'all, I bought an 88' 5 speed Turbo Coupe about six months ago and became instantly addicted! The car came with a "spare" 87' TC motor with turbo, so I had to buy my buddies 1990 Ranger XLT, 2.3, 2x2, 5 speed (blown motor) as a fun place to put my "spare" motor. The rest is obvious! LOL Let...

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