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  1. Rick W

    Memorial Day, Remembrance and Thanks

    I never had the privilege of official Service, but I appreciate all who have. I support them any way I can, and I grieve for and honor those who have been harmed or who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s easy to play on the day off, and I think people should enjoy life as long as they...
  2. Rick W

    Whatcha doin New Years Eve?

    Kroger fried chicken, box wine (do they make box champagne?), with my red head on the recliner watching Bogie in The Maltese Falcon in b&w. Woohoo! (I did howl at the full moon a couple nights ago)....
  3. Rick W

    Christmas 🎄 plans and traditions

    You know why Santa is so jolly* (see below)? Polish generally celebrate with family on Christmas Eve, it’s about the anticipation, patience, prayer for salvation, and then celebrate His coming with friends on Christmas Day. It has been and typically remains more family oriented and religious...
  4. Rick W

    Still a plebe?

    Ok, I’ve been posting here since I got the free Ranger in May, now 4, but projects are moving slow (just like me!!). I learn as I go, and I’ve tried to go easy on the keyboard. Sooo, I was wondering: Have I been good and respectful enough to advance from plebe level? Can I wear my hat now?
  5. Rick W

    Single to dual exhaust cats/sensor??

    Oh wise ones.... On Rick’s Ranger Rig (97 4.0, 312,000), I want to change the single exhaust to true dual exhausts. The truck passes emissions now. With the other mods I’m doing, and mostly because I’m ancient, I can get an emissions inspection waiver. It’s only due for 2 more years in GA...
  6. Rick W

    OEM shim?

    I’m also making progress on Rick’s Ranger Rig. I put the 10” rims on today and swapped the wrangler 235/75/15s to the 87 & I’ve been getting the bugs out. I’m hoping to swap out the grille tomorrow, so I was looking at it today. I spotted these shims for the marker light and headlight. I...
  7. Rick W

    What’s this? (87 4WD Rick-storation

    I put a new battery in the 87 and reworked the wiring and cleaned things up under the hood. This clean up after the shade tree swapped my engine. The AC Compressor is not installed, and the evaporator box on the firewall is there, but with just the fittings sticking out the front, no hoses...
  8. Rick W

    QT Thanksgiving

    The new fad is the giant crock-pot-looking roasters. I wasn’t sure whether I should start a new thread or post this with the homemade tools. RICK SAVES THANKSGIVING TURKEY WITH QT CUP: 23# Turkey was a little to big for roaster
  9. Rick W

    Who needs a spare in Texas?

    I wish this was closer, I’d buy it for the interior and the bedliner for Rick’s Ranger Rig, and then flip it.
  10. Rick W

    Rick’s Ranger Rig 97

    I’m going to log transforming the ‘97 extended cab 5sp 4.0 into “Rick’s Ranger Rig” here. 87 4WD Rick-storation is ongoing and I’ll leave that coverage in that thread. My Ga Tech Prof buddies made it into a mini class lab project. Two interesting developments: First, on my “5th wheel” design...
  11. Rick W

    Mother Nature vs load capacity...

    Still no power in my part of Hotlanta after the 50 mile an hour winds last night. But I still feel better than this guy around the corner... Ok, Maybe my mini tractor trailer project won’t hold quite that much weight...
  12. Rick W

    $100 Bronco

    Not mine, I got rid of all my wives...
  13. Rick W

    Eating peanuts, or multiplying Ranger rabbits...

    Snow White came to see Mickey to console him. But when she got to him, he wasn’t in tears, he was angry. She said to him “oh Mickey! I heard that Mini was sleeping with Donald Duck. But please, don’t be mad, don’t do anything foolish!” At first Mickey looked at her with a look of confusion...
  14. Rick W

    1993 dually conversion kit

    Hi. I’m playing with a couple vintage rangers doing a “Rick-storation” or maybe “wRicking” them... Does anyone know where I can get the wheel adapters or conversion kit to change my single rear wheels into a dually set up? See pics. Alternatives? Right now it’s a 1993 2WD short/short 2.3/4...
  15. Rick W

    1993 Ranger Mirror Blank

    Just a quick question. Did Ford make (or is there otherwise available) a “blank” to fill in the mirror mounting spaces at the front of the cab windows? I know “they” make “OEM” aluminum/stainless mirrors that mount on the door skin, So I’m assuming there must be a blank for the window, but I...
  16. Rick W

    1987 4WD “Rick-storation”

    This is a follow up to my posts on “I swore never again” and “87 4WD insurance.“ I’m keeping my fingers crossed, But I think Grundy is going to let me cover this truck on my collector policy. They don’t usually cover pick up trucks, but I’ve had insurance with them for 12 years on many cars. I...
  17. Rick W

    1987 4wd 5-sp insurance

    My head is hurting, Riddle me this: I have Liberty Mutual for my house and for my 1996 f250 4wd diesel. All my Lincolns are insured under a Grundy/Philadelphia collector policy. No tickets or accidents. The F250 cost me $750 per year. I have full coverage at a low deductible, I think...
  18. Rick W

    1987 correct trim? Correct wheels?

    Rangerfiles: I have a few questions regarding my “Rick-storation” of my 87 ranger. I think I found an engine, so next steps, this is more about making Ranger-bed matching trailer(s). It’s not a top priority to keep it all original at all, but I am curious what I’m starting with, and what the...
  19. Rick W

    92 3.0 5sp trans locked up?

    Hi, I’m still looking for a 2.9 V6 for my 87, but in calling around, a contact just called me back with this.: He has a short cab, short bed, 2wd 1992, manufactured in 8/91, that has the 3.0Lv6, and a 5-speed Manual transmission. Trans code M; axle code 84. truck was running great, and as he...
  20. Rick W

    “Lady Rangers” or ???

    I saw Lizzy’s thread about a V-8 swap, and her modest autobiographical comment “GO BIG OR GO HOME!” Loved it, very impressed. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a good bit, and I’ve always been fascinated by folks in many cultures who break the stereotype and reach, stretch. Led me to a...

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