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  1. ecgreen

    The Blue Pig - ECGreen's '89 BII

    I decided I would post a thread about my truck. The folks around here have been so awesome in helping me get this build to where it is! The least I can do is post the process so that it might help others looking to do similar things. My intentions for the truck started out as wanting to build...
  2. ecgreen

    Morana Valve Cover Support Rails?

    Anyone every try these? I would absolutely pay 130 bucks if these work. http://www.moranav6racing.com/category.html?CategoryID=38
  3. ecgreen

    Shop wall materials?

    I am insulating my pole barn shop and trying to decide on wall material. My current plan is 4 foot of steel roofing down low and plywood with fire paint above that. Open to changing my mind. Its a smaller shop and I am going to weld and torch and all kinds of goofy stuff. What do you guys have?
  4. ecgreen

    2.9 with an M5OD-R1 HD

    I have read and searched and it seems to me that I can use the HD version of the M5OD behind a 2.9 with zero extra stuff right? There are things I can do, like clutch upgrade, etc. However, I could just bolt the thing up, modify the hole in the floorboards and roll, right? Just want to check...
  5. ecgreen

    Help me understand doubler ratios

    Thinking of putting an Atlas 4 in my truck, but I might try my hand at building a doubler since I have most of the stuff laying around and I have the skills (and access to people with more skills than me) to get it done. So I am assuming you can shift the main transfer case and get 2.48:1. Then...
  6. ecgreen

    Hellwig sway bars on a B2?

    Anyone use one? Very different design than the stockk one. Looking to stop the sway and tippy feeling when turning fast at higher speeds...
  7. ecgreen

    Floaty steering at high speed

    Hey guys, Here is the deal: 3 inch lift 33x10.5r15 mud tires Drop pitman arm All new steering components, including all ujoint shaft Problem is she flots at speed. It just doesnt feel glued to the road. Had it aligned at a good shop, but i am thinking that might still be the problem. Is it...
  8. ecgreen

    First Offroad testing 89 BII

    Finally got The Blue Pig out for an offroad testing session! Here's a few pics for ya!
  9. ecgreen

    SOLVED: Brand new alternator junk? (Nope...bad ignition coil)

    My alternator final crapped out so I put in a new Napa 80 amp (I have a winch). They said it was new and not a reman. The truck now periodically cuts out and bucks under load. This has happened before I swapped the alternator, but only twice in the last 1000 miles! The belt is a bit loose on the...
  10. ecgreen

    Play in a rebuilt Motorcraft gear box?

    Should there be any play in a rebuilt gear box from Motorcraft? There is a little bit in mine, maybe 1/6 of a turn. Wondering if this is normal or if I should tighten it a bit.
  11. ecgreen

    89 BII steering shaft

    Here is the deal oh wise 4x4 Ford guru-types: What is going on with my steering shaft? Below there is a picture of it. Is there suppose to be a rag joint in there? Looks to me like there isn't one. Also I am having a bit of trouble finding a new U-Joint if anyone can point me in the right direction.
  12. ecgreen

    B2 D35 swap+ 3 inch lift and proper sway bar questions

    As the title says, 89 BII with a swapped in D35. The sway bar from the D28 does not line up with the new axle (expected that as the D35 is wider). I am guessing I need to track down a D35 sway bar. Any other options out there? Also, and more importantly, how long should my links be? I imagine...
  13. ecgreen

    Pivot bushing...how tight a fit?

    I am in the final stages of my D35 swap. I have tried 2 different pivot bushings (Moog and Energy Suspension). The ES bushing was so loose I could push it in with my fingers. I ordered some Moog bushings and it was a little tighter, but all I had to do was smack it with a deadblow a few times...
  14. ecgreen

    D35 swap driveshaft length

    Drawing closer to completing my D35 restoration, re-gear, lock and swap. I know the driveshaft needs to be shortened an inch. Can I just go ahead and have my driveshaft guy do this, or should I install the D35 and the do some measuring first? Thanks for all the help guys, I literally couldn't...
  15. ecgreen

    D35 Upper ball joint boots?

    So I have some new Moog upper ball joints, but they do not have boots (see pic below). Am I missing something? I thought all ball joints use boots, or are there bootless designs?. Both packages did not have the boots in them.
  16. ecgreen

    For Sale Dana 28, New rotors, Rough country 1.5 inch lift

    I have for sale: 1 complete dana 28 with 3.73 gears. Everything works but it needs to be gone through (seals, bearings, etc). Rust almost non-existent. Price? 75 bucks if you come and get it. I'd rather not junk this, it is a solid part. 1 pair of new dana 28 rotors in box. 25 bucks a piece...
  17. ecgreen

    Snorkeling in an '89 BII (article)

    Snorkeling in an ‘89 Bronco II by ECGreen I realized a long time ago that snorkels make me happy. I have one on my Tacoma and it fills my heart with joy every time I see it. It also gives my wheeling buddies something to make fun of me about, as they have kindly labeled it the “dorkel”. So...
  18. ecgreen

    D35 coil spring stud torque?

    Can't find a value on this one. Recommendations?
  19. ecgreen

    4.56 gears in a 7.5 with a lockrite

    I am putting 4.56 gears in a 7.5 with a lockrite locker. Am I going to have to file down a ring gear tooth to be able to get the pin out to install c-clips? Any experience with gears this tall and this locker?
  20. ecgreen

    4.0 OHV as an overland engine

    Hey guys, I am building an 89 Bronco II for overlanding and the 2.9 is so tired. I just re-did the the entire driveline and I really want to put some serious miles on this little truck. But the idea of leaving the state with a 2.9 seems a bit sketchy. So I am at the point where I need to make...

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