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  1. legoms013

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    78 Hp with the wedgies. Not hard to regear at all. Had a shop do it for $350 with used gears out door. On the rear I had Dutchman make axle shafts for my 8.8 with the 5 on 5.5 so front and rear match.
  2. legoms013

    Best option for half-ton SAS?

    My vote is the high pinion axles out of the early fords. The ones with the cast wedgies are easy as cake to narrow as well, did mine that way Nearly bolt on with all the products James duff offeres these days
  3. legoms013

    88 Bronco 2, accessing dashboard ductwork

    So I have a friend who had some rings slide into the air vents closet to the windshield (defrost vents) of her automatic BII. I know all about 96 and up dashboards since I did a cab swap and swapped a 96 out for a 2000 dash. But know literally nothing about earlier model RBV dashes. Can I...
  4. legoms013

    79 D44 rebuild ?'s

    You can buy shafts and u-joints through Jeff's too. Just not chromoly ones if I remember correctly. I just has the passenger shaft sent to Dutchman motorsports and they shortened it and resplined it for an early bronco. Then threw new u-joints in both stock shafts for now. The Slinger goes on...
  5. legoms013

    Retubing an axle?

    Yes. Read through my build thread ( commuter Mazda) and I see that I did essentially that. I cut the cast of, then cut the tube out of the cast portion, then cut the tube at the axle side off (totaling 6") removed and then pressed the wedgie back on with 1" all thread and a impact gun (while...
  6. legoms013

    Putting a 1998+ Cab on a 1993-1997 frame

    Author: legoms013 (AKA Evan) Ever wanted a newer Ranger cab, with the swing out rear doors on a twin I-beam equipped frame? After all it is much easier to swap in a solid axle on the earlier frames since they were already set up for coils than the torsion bar Rangers. Best of both worlds...
  7. legoms013

    SAS HOW-To?

    2" body lift will solve the rubbing. None of your other complaints but at least it wont rub. Cheap Fast Easy No fab work. It will be hard to put a solid axle under there and keep close to stock height or slightly higher. Just not a whole lot of room
  8. legoms013

    Fluttering speedo

    So my speedo needle flutters pretty bad and varies about 10mph after I reach or surpass about 30mph. I have a 1996 4x4 drivetrain. I just got done putting a 2000 cab onto it. I retained all electrical everything from the 1996. I have checked all grounds to be on bare metal and ground straps...
  9. legoms013

    1996-->2000 MAF swap

    Someone tell me if this will work, my intuition says it should but maybe I'm wrong. My 96 4.0L has the cone style filter with a cylindrical shaped MAF housing. This uses a small white pigtail connector with 4 wires/pins. My 2000 4.0L has the square box style air filter and external MAF with a...
  10. legoms013

    2001+ cab on a 1996 frame

    Anybody know how well or not well a 2001 or newer super cab would fit on my 1996 frame? I rolled my Mazda 4x4 and want to swap cabs out but wondering if I could get suicide doors out of this! Thanms
  11. legoms013

    flexplate replacement

    What all do I need in addition to the new flexplat? This is for my 1996 Mazda b4000 with an auto. The flexplate gave out yesterday and will be dropping the tranny here tonight! Thanks
  12. legoms013

    full width d44

    Yeah I just saw those under the new product categorey. That would be the route I'd probably take if I had kept my D44 FW. Kevery...bitchin' setup man!
  13. legoms013

    full width d44

    I wouldn't do it like he did. The lower coil mount is fixed to the top of the radius arm which needs to flex. He made a plate that either hinders that flex or constantly is fighting the weldment on the axle. Eventually that plate will break off since the welds are getting stressed constantly...
  14. legoms013

    full width d44

    Narrowing the axle down to EB places the coil buckets and lower coil mounts basically in line with each other. Most just space the buckets out on the frame rail to use a FW axle.
  15. legoms013

    Narrowing Dana 44

    If the wedges are cast you can't narrow the driver side. Just narrow the passenger side. Even if the wedges are welded there is still very little room there.
  16. legoms013

    leaking out of axle tube on Dana 44

    This eleventy billion ^
  17. legoms013

    drivers side coil bracket ?

    Hope those are just mock up tack welds :thefinger:
  18. legoms013

    Dana 44 SAS Tech thoughts

    I was thinking the same.
  19. legoms013

    Dana 44 SAS Tech thoughts

    Turning the knuckles in my case was not feasible, since my wedgies are the cast kind. My axle is a 79 F150 axle that I have narrowed. I am hoping to end up with around 3* of castor when I am done. I will be running 5.5 or 6" coils so I think this is realistic with 7* bushings. 3* is more than...
  20. legoms013

    sas dana 44

    In essence yes. I bought one from a guy who sent them his stocker then sold it to me. So no it is basically an EB 5-760x U-joint passeger shaft. Your wheels look tall and narrow, just like I like em, what size is your tire/wheel combo?

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