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  1. RatDog8o8

    RC Truck Championships

    Neat stuff! :icon_thumby: s9VAPGDZTFQ 0xwfQiAGel0
  2. RatDog8o8

    Checking interest......

    .....in an '84 Bronco II that a friend of mine has down in TX, near Austin. He said he was going to scrap it, but I told him to let me check on here first to see if anyone in the area would be interested in it as a project or for a parts-donor. If you are, PM me and I'll send you the info he...
  3. RatDog8o8

    eBay Class-action settlement, anyone?

    Today, in the mail alongside my TRS Preemie Sticker ( :yahoo: ), I got a settlement check from some class-action lawsuit that eBay wound up being the loser of. I can't retire on it, but it's the thought that counts...... ......the check was for a whopping..... ........ready.....get...
  4. RatDog8o8

    This would be cool.....

    It's a kit, that you can build 3 different ways. Several sites have them. X-Treme Geek has the kit in their catalog for $50.
  5. RatDog8o8

    Joe Frazier

    Dead at 67. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/08/sports/joe-frazier-ex-heavyweight-champ-dies-at-67.html
  6. RatDog8o8

    Andy Rooney...R.I.P....

    Andy Rooney, popular voice on "60 Minutes", died 11/4/11. He was 92.
  7. RatDog8o8

    Mustang gone....replaced with this....

    A 1995 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Never was a "cop car"; was supposedly a State Trooper State Fair Patrol staff car. No spotlight or light bar ever graced this one. Complete with the full owner's manual set, that has the "Police Fleet" insert. 4.6 OHC V8. Fully electric inside...
  8. RatDog8o8

    Ohio State Fair concert

    Was checking out the tour schedule for Grand Funk Railroad, and saw that they are supposed to be at the Ohio State Fair on 8/20/11. Everyone knows their music.....they really rock! (Plus, I know the lead guitarist.....) Anyway, just thought it would be another "mini-meet" for those of you...
  9. RatDog8o8

    Engine build alert

    It may not be "news", and maybe not of much use to anyone....but in the September issue of Circle Track magazine there's an article about building a 475+ HP Cleveland engine. Looks to be a series.
  10. RatDog8o8

    Workshop or garage pix?

    (I did a search, but couldn't find a thread dedicated to the places where we work on our stuff. I might have missed it; if so, apologies....) I have two "shop areas" where I do my thing. Not enough room on our property (long story) for a garage, so I have to make do with a 12x12 shed outside...
  11. RatDog8o8

    Comp game with a Ranger

    Other half's grandson got this computer game the other day. $20.00 at Target, called "500,000 Games" by Viva Media. It's got a ton of games, from solitaire to chess, and on and on. There's one in particular that he's stuck on, though. It's called "Monster Truck Stunt Rally". You actually...
  12. RatDog8o8

    Big.....really big.....Ranger!

    Lookie what I found
  13. RatDog8o8

    My '92 Custom 4x4

    Finally got around to taking a couple of pix of my truck the other day, after getting the toolbox mounted.
  14. RatDog8o8

    Proper packaging, please!

    I know that everyone probably already knows this, but I can speak from first-hand experience...... Please, when shipping something through any of the common carriers, take the time to package it securely! I work for the USPS, and since coming back to work after a long battle with cancer, have...
  15. RatDog8o8

    Replacement mirror heads

    Found these on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Source-RH083B-Replacement-Joint-Adjustment/dp/B000E49620/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1297183954&sr=8-1 They came in yesterday, just got to wait for warm weather.
  16. RatDog8o8

    Fullsize rides

    I used to own these, a few years back. The '79 F-150 4x4 had a 6" lift, with 35x12.50r15 BFG A/Ts on 15x11 aluminum slot wheels. 400M V8/C6. Minor engine mods - Holley 4bbl intake & Holley 1850 carb, full Hooker exhaust setup. 9" LS rear, D44 LS front. Manual 4WD. The '73 Bronco was...
  17. RatDog8o8

    Door lock rod diagram?

    Looking for a good, clear door lock rod diagram that will show me how the lock cylinder rod hooks up. Tried LMC's online catalog, but it was from '93 up...I have a '92. I also need a good source for buying a pair of the lock cylinder rods, as mine appear to be missing. Not just loose, but...
  18. RatDog8o8

    New Member

    Hey! Just bought a '92 Ranger on New Year's Day; a 4x4 Custom. It's the third Ford 4x4 I've owned. Previous trucks were a '79 F-150, and a '73 Bronco. The Ranger joins my '78 CJ-7 and an '89 Mustang GT (soon to be sold, I regret...). Live in Iowa, up from Texas in '89. Employed by the USPS...

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