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  1. ranger530

    easy lift kit

    my friend have been talking and saying that they cranked their torsion bars and it made their front end up a little to their wants....... should i do it because i am getting a 1 inch lift in the back so to save money i was wondering about doing that???? yes/no:icon_confused:
  2. ranger530

    baby got new shoes!!!

    i took a nice sunday drive out to my local summit store and picked up a new set of 15' cragar rims!!! it enhanced the look of my truck so much... with the rims, the chrome lug nuts, and center caps it only cost me 255 dollars.... they look sweet and are alot heavier than my old rims..... and...
  3. ranger530


    i have been hearing bout' some of my friends installing chips to increase horsepower by about 30 on their ranger..... wonderin' if there is anything i should look out for if i get one....... my 4.0 is about 190 horse right now but i would LOVE to increse it to about 220. if not more anyone know...
  4. ranger530

    got mud?

    i want to see the deepest mud you guys have ever been in.... show me some pics!!
  5. ranger530

    3.0 or 4.0?????

    ok .... seriously ......3 liter or 4 liter...i have heard some nice things about the 3.0 and heard some bad things... i just got a awesome price for a nice lookin' 3.0.... but i have driven 4.0s all my life... i have a four liter right now but i want two rangers...... should i get the 3.0...
  6. ranger530

    header with 4.0

    im thinking about putting on some headers on my 1998 ford ranger xlt with a 4.0......... you see.. im getting new duals coming out the back which will increase the horse about 10-15... but if i put dual headers each to one pipe the duals plus the headers will increase the horse by about 30...
  7. ranger530

    suspension sucks!!

    i have a 4 wheel drive 1998 ford ranger and im looking for a rugged off road suspension that will give about a 1 inch lift... every one i looked at is either for 2wd or WAAAYYY to expensive..... just something nice to clean up my front and back end and make it look nice. And with a little...
  8. ranger530

    nerf bar

    lookin for a nice pair of step bars...not a big one just a one step not double step having troubles getting into my truck with my knee injury i currently had can any one help me find one under 150???????
  9. ranger530

    HAHAHA burn S10

    today i was in the ranger when i saw this guy in a S10 going like 2 MPH and his WHOLE ENTIRE TRUCK WAS RUSTED!!!!!! there was only half the bed left....thats what you get for getting a s10 i guess!!!!! anybody see anything like that?!
  10. ranger530

    westin bull bar??????

    i have been thinking about a skid plate... but then i found the westin bull bar with attached skid plate... its pretty nice and i found a cheap one for my '98 ranger.. anyone have or know about them???
  11. ranger530

    Looking for skid plate

    i am wondering about a front skid plate for my 1998 4x4 ranger.... something to protect the suspension from the logs and rocks in the trails.... brush guard ain't cutting it... anyone have one or know about them??????
  12. ranger530

    trying to decide what muffler!!!

    putting a new exhaust on my ranger 4.0L...Ive heard the flowmaster 40 series ....they sound good but pricey...just recently heard a cherry bomb extreme. it sounded good for the price! anybody have one on their truck or any input i would appreciate. thanx
  13. ranger530

    Getting new rims!!!!

    YES! Im getting new rims on my white ranger 4x4! but kinda confused on what kind to get??? Can anyone give me any suggestions on what kind to get?
  14. ranger530

    transmission /serpentine belt question

    I just got a tranny rebuild,i drove it a few miles but after i stopped the truck and put it in reverse i heard a pop and the serpentine belt tensioner flew off.... Do they have to do anything with the serpentine belt when they remove/rebuild the transmission? thanx

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