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  1. KnockKnock

    Autolite = Fram Group

    It's been well-known for quite some time that Autolite and Motorcraft plugs are one & the same, however, I just ordered a set of iridiums from RockAuto (<---those guys really do rock BTW) and as I was going over the Rebate Form where I read line 7, and there it states: Purolator is the main...
  2. KnockKnock

    Flex-ish/Ranchero photochop request

    Inspired by this thread about the newest Ranger, I was hoping that someone with the tools and the talent might entertain us with a visual concept of putting a Flex/Ranchero (Ute) body on the new Ranger chassis. :icon_bounceblue:
  3. KnockKnock

    Do it right or do it twice - buy it cheap & pay the price!

    Mostly I'm talking about fuel & clutch hydraulic lines, but I'm totally open for conversation about any of this. In another post I mentioned that I've had to drop my fuel tank because a crumby little plastic piece that broke off the top of the fuel pump. I bought the cheapest fuel pump I could...
  4. KnockKnock

    duratec mechanical fan delete

    I'm curious too. I know on the Rams, the A/C fan doesn't turn on until 225° - way after the mechanical fan should be engaged already, but they have a way to correct this via tuning so that it functions at the correct temps. Is the Ranger the same way in that we could just ditch the mechanical...
  5. KnockKnock

    Aluminum vs. Fiberglass

    I don't want to start a flame-war here, but I'm genuinely curious as to the pro's & cons of both. I've only had aluminum, but I might be looking into a fiberglass top (should the opportunity arise), and I wanted to get some of y'alls' (<---Texas word) opinions. From what I know about...
  6. KnockKnock

    High capacity fuel tank

    I did a search, and I didn't come up with much, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything like this available in the U.S. http://thelongranger.com.au/rangerlongrangefueltank.html
  7. KnockKnock

    Brain-Storming & Stuff

    Well, once the truck gets paid-off, a supercharger is pretty high on the list of priorities so that I can loan against the value of the truck in order to buy it ...hopefully before the truck depreciates below the asking price of the blower. Putting out 250HP and 220lb/ft on an even smaller...
  8. KnockKnock

    Suggested Article edit

    Jim Oaks has written a ton of great stuff, and I wasn't real sure about recommending a small but helpful edit to a tech article here, but I wasn't sure where it really belonged. Anyway, in the LED section of the tech articles (http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/summer2008/LED_Lights.htm)...
  9. KnockKnock

    Anyone have a sofa-bed?

    For those that don't know what I'm talking about, there's a couple of companies out there selling kits that turn your truck bed into a chill-out/camping area. I've been looking into Gaylord's and SportTruckSolutions' sofa-bed options, and I was hoping to find someone with actual pics so I can...
  10. KnockKnock

    Mystery Bracket above P/S???

    It looks like the earlier Duratec had an intake muffler. I wonder if this is just left-over bracketry the engineers didn't get around to getting rid of until '05.
  11. KnockKnock

    Which one is correct?

    Sorry for being late, but it looks like PN: FA1744 is your winner. For future reference, O'Reilly's site has a "compatibility" tab that will show you what vehicles are listed to fit a particular part.
  12. KnockKnock

    Mystery Bracket above P/S???

    I've been doing a lot of image searches for engine-bay pics for the '04-'05 model 2.3 Rangers, and I've noticed that mine has a bracket attached that none of the others do. At first I thought that it was for a smog-pump that was deep-sixed by a previous owner, but I haven't seen a smog pump...
  13. KnockKnock

    Flyin' Miata kit on a Duratec 2.3???

    I'm not ready to cut a check or anything, but just wondering if anybody's ever tried it? The MX5 shares the Duratec platform, so the manifold should bolt up, and the previous owner got rid of that pesky smog-pump for me, but it looks like the steering shaft may be in the way - not sure...
  14. KnockKnock

    Hey y'all

    I've been doing some digging around this forum for a good bit now, and finally decided it was time to introduce myself if I were going to try to pick the knowledgeable minds of the good folks here at TRS. First off, I love the info and friendly forums you've got here, and I hope that I can...

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