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  1. coastventures

    Possible Headlight Swap for '99

    Will the headlights from a 2001 fit on a 1999? All the ads I see show lights for '98-2000 but 2001 ads don't include any lower years.
  2. coastventures

    Brighter Headlights?

    I noticed the other night that the headlights on my '99 Ranger XLT are not very bright at all. They are the standard replacement headlights you can get most anywhere. I kinda figured it would be no big deal cuz I could just buy a set of brighter (more lumens or wattage) lamps, but this doesn't...
  3. coastventures

    Ford Broke My Heart Today

    This morning I called several auto parts stores looking for the body to frame chassis bushings for the cab rear of my 1999 Ranger Extend Cab. No one knew anything or could tell me anything, just a bunch of young kids clicking keys and going by a computer with no parts knowledge or experience...
  4. coastventures

    Wiring 1999 Ranger

    Hello and good day, Does anyone know what these plug jacks are for? On the front my '99 Ranger behind the bumper are two jacks, one to the left and one to the right. The plug jacks are round and go to nothing. I was assuming that they must go to the fog lights, an option which apparently was...

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