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  1. JerrySab

    Bad Traffic - High idle?

    SUP RANGER FAM SO LittleGold is back up and running, and really doing so much better! Thanks to the collective wisdom here, of course. Really so grateful for this community. So here's a new old issue, that I'd love understanding on. My hunch is a wiring issue, but it's definitely made worse...
  2. JerrySab

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Failure Cause

    Hi! What kills a fuel pressure regulator? '88 2.9l Ranger. Will a failing high pressure fuel pump put undo strain on it? Or clogged injectors? OR, was the part actually I just bought junk and I just need to spring for another one? I replaced my previously faulty FPR in October, with what I...
  3. JerrySab

    Injector Leak?

    Hi guys! The refinement process continues on my '88 XLT 2.9. Truck was left sitting for a week or 2 while i was replacing alternator and rewiring. WHen i started the project I found the top bolt at the exhaust header (#5 cylinder) looked damp. Pic attached. About a year ago I replaced all of...
  4. JerrySab

    1988 XLT Alternator Upgrade

    Hi friends, I purchased a 170amp alternator awhile back but didnt have the time to dive in until recently. I was keen to follow the extremely thorough walkthrough found here, but when mapping out the project, I came to discover the old alternator has two plugs on the back; a bundle of 3 wires...
  5. JerrySab

    Temp Sender Location(s)

    Hi all, Confirming, there are two single-wire coolant temp sending units on the 2.9l engine, correct? From front bumper looking in, I can see two very similar units, both with threaded rods where a simple connector slides over. One of these is opposite coolant temp sensor, on the right side...
  6. JerrySab

    IAC Voltage

    Hi all! I'm trying to zero in on (yet another) slightly high idle issue. 88 2.9l idles at 950-1100 when warm. Every so often, infrequently, it'll drop down to 800/850, which I believe is the target idle when warm. I'm curious if there's a break along the ECM wire going to IAC, or something that...
  7. JerrySab

    In-Tank Pump Sounds Like Leafblower

    What's up fam! Recently did a ton of work to old Goldie, and SURPRISE SURPRISE she's making weird noises. I managed to track down an actual Motorcraft in-tank fuel pump, and replaced the frustratingly inaccurate off-brand knockoff version. Also replaced fuel filter and did some rust fix...
  8. JerrySab

    Axle Replace

    Hey friends! I'm looking for the most cost effective way to change my gearing from 3.45 to 4.1. I'm not quite up to the task of replacing the gear and pinions in the rear diff. I do, however, feel like swapping a complete rear axle with the desired gearing would be achievable. I currently have...
  9. JerrySab

    Electric Fan / Water Pump Failure

    Hi friends! to anybody out there who went efan route, have you experienced failure or lackluster performance from your water pump?
  10. JerrySab

    Squeal/Jingle/Metal on Metal Symphony

    Hi all! Back again. I'm trying to diagnose a semi-persistent sound that I'm pretty sure is not coming from transmission. It mainly turns up once truck is warmed up.. worse when I've been overdoing it in stop/go local driving. The sound occurs after acceleration, as I'm letting off the gas and...
  11. JerrySab

    4.0l 110a Alternator in 2.9l Ranger?

    Hey friends! Went spelunking at the local pick & pull this afternoon, and thought I found a great score in an alternator from a 1992 Ranger.. only to realize (quickly) that the host had a botched 4.0 engine swap. The mounting brackets spun 180 degrees on the alternator. Is it even possible for...
  12. JerrySab

    Rough Idle In Park/Start

    Hi friends! Playing whackamole with idle problems on my '88 XLT resto project. While I still have many knowledge gaps, I definitely appreciate everybody's wisdom here, as that has gotten me very far on this project. TLDR question: Can somebody explain to me why the truck is a shitshow in park...
  13. JerrySab

    1988 2.9L Fuel Pump Sending Unit Ground

    ...Is there a specific location for this guy? Orange wire coming off of wiring harness. I keep losing it in the loom while trying to trace it back from wiring harness to its ground location. While 'look harder' is a perfectly reasonable response, would lvoe to see if anyone knows where it's...
  14. JerrySab

    Reinstall Compressor, Hoses?

    Hey team! My recently purchased 1988 2.9l Ranger came with a disconnected AC compressor. I'm told the clutch is bad, which is fine. Being from Cali, I'll eventually need to get the truck smogged and I'm told the loose hoses from the (hastily) removed compressor will prevent the truck from...
  15. JerrySab

    Incomplete Filter System - 1988 Ranger

    Hi everyone! Making so many fun discoveries with my '88 Ranger. Was messing around this afternoon and discovered that the air filter housing had significant cracks throughout. I ordered a new one and wrapped the old in duct tape for the time being, but also noticed the following. 1. No hoses...
  16. JerrySab


    Hey everybody! Back again with more wiring questions, as I keep discovering more cut third party wires. So I was super proud of myself. Fuse 8 kept blowing. I followed forum advice, I remounted the lamp with shorter screws, voila! No more blown fuse, fun new functioning interior lamps...
  17. JerrySab

    Rogue Wire

    Hi everyone! First post, super stoked to be submitting. Just picked up an 88 Ranger. Still going through everything and getting my head around how much I plan on sinking into the little guy. Full disclosure, I’m still very green when it comes to working on your own vehicle. Thanks for bearing...

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