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  1. 600$04Ranger

    Inner tie rod boot clamp

    How do I get the new clamp on the boot where it slides on to the rack? I'm thinking of just using zip ties. Been driving around with boots not clamped in place. It's a tight reach to get those clamps secured and I don't do yoga! Anyone have that problem too? Should I just leave them?
  2. 600$04Ranger

    DIY alignment vs. shop alignment

    Recently replaced driver's side upper control arm (Motorcraft), inner and outer tie rods(Motorcraft inner and Moog outer). Replaced the passenger side upper control arm about 6 months ago, the lower ball joints (both Motorcraft) but not the control arm bushings 3 months ago, and switched the end...
  3. 600$04Ranger

    Need help diagnosing my 8.8 28 spline open differential

    Just finished replacing my axle bearings and seals because I thought they needed it. Had the wheels and drums off the other day to inspect both my drum brakes and the axle. The truck has 220,000 miles on it and as far as I know the gears and bearings are all original. It was a grease caked mess...
  4. 600$04Ranger

    Energy Suspension sway bar bushings/end links for '04 4x4

    Getting ready to replace or upgrade the sway bar bushings, end links, as well as both inner and outer tie rods. Wondering if I should go for the polyurethane kit from Energy Suspension or the Moog poly end links and non poly(I think) bushings which are 20 bucks cheaper. Not concerned about the...
  5. 600$04Ranger

    Unsolved/solved mysterious leak experiences?

    Have an '04 4x4 4.0l manual. Has the Mitsubishi M50D-R1HD. Noticed a little transmission fluid leaking near the transmission mount. Checked the shift rail plugs as suggested and pulled the transmission to inspect both input shaft seal, output shaft seal, and transfer case. Nothing was obvious as...
  6. 600$04Ranger

    Relieving fuel pressure by disconnected inertia switch

    Changed my fuel filter today. First time since I rebuilt the engine around 15,000 miles ago. Previous owner had deleted inertia switch and just twisted the two wires for the switch together. I haven't gotten around to finding a new switch and mostly forget that it needs one because it runs fine...
  7. 600$04Ranger

    Prioritizing repairs, improvements, and upgrades on a work in progress

    Looking for opinions, suggestions, or stories. When you bought a broken or beat up Ranger dreaming of transforming it into something better. What was your vision? How did you or did you, accomplish this? I paid $600 bucks plus $125 towing for my 2nd Ranger (first 4x4 Ranger). A 2004 xlt 4.0l...

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