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  1. Ranger850

    Door trim/seal

    How different is the rubber seal for doors between different Ford models. I just helped a buddy strip down a 2011 police interceptor Crown Vic. It was a low mileage patrol car and the interior pieces were in excellent condition, including the seals. Could I possibly swap that out for the seals...
  2. Ranger850

    97 Honda FourTrax 300

    I recently went back to the Arkansas property to help my dad get organized up there. I found an old 4 wheeler, slowly being covered with vines. Battery was obviously dead, but after draining the old gas and refueling with new(er) gas, it fired up after just a few kicks. So with that, It needs...
  3. Ranger850

    New 2 me F-150

    Drove my Little Nissan 604 miles to Arkansas to swap trucks with my dad. I got a problematic 98 F-150 XLT and an old "Honda 300" 4-wheeler. He received trouble free 88 Nissan D21. Although the F-150 is 10 years younger, it has almost the same amount of miles as the D21 ( 208k on the 150 vs...
  4. Ranger850

    Official "What Transmission is this " thread

    What transmission is this?
  5. Ranger850


    Ford is offering a "Rattler" edition of the F-150. Basically ax XL with "some"FX4 stuff, with a wheel/tire package, & dual exhaust. They call it a "value play". Will the Ranger and/or Maverick get a "Rattler" edition. Not that we need ANOTHER off road variant of either...
  6. Ranger850

    Nissan/C-10 DeadBody Pickup.

    I know it's not a Ranger, or a Ford, even, but this is one cool truck https://www.streettrucksmag.com/deadbody-more-than-just-another-mini-truck/
  7. Ranger850

    Clean STX in PA

    Saw it on Instagram. $7000
  8. Ranger850

    Nomenclature of the rolly thingies

    If this is a "wheel" + "rim", what is the combo of the 2 called. It seems that people tend to use the two words to describe the same piece of equipment. Is it a "rim' with out a tire? OR is it a "wheel" with out a tire. What is a "wheel/rim" combination called? Maybe this vdo will help some...
  9. Ranger850

    NFTs, whatcha know about'em

    What are your opinions and/or What do you know about them.
  10. Ranger850

    2wd Edge Shocks

    Looking for part numbers or good replacements for the shocks on my 2wd '01 Ranger Edge.
  11. Ranger850

    Kuga equivalent in USA?

    looking around I keep seeing the Ford "Kuga". Also there is a B-max and S-max B-Max S-Max Puma - looks a lot like the last gen "Mercury Cougar" Also there e is a FORD Galaxy SUV/MiniVan type thingy out there. Just wondering if FORD offers anything similar for us in the US.
  12. Ranger850

    Lifted Miata

  13. Ranger850

    2013 C-Maxx opinions

    Looking at a 2013 C-Maxx for my dad. His F-150 gets about 3.3mpg and needs a small commuter/DD. I have a line on a 2013C-Maxx SEL. Guy says " All it needs is a battery and it'lll drive. I know it needs four tires. What I'm worried about is the rest of the car. No experience with Hybrid...
  14. Ranger850

    ZF question

    How do I know if this ZF 6hp is for a Ford or BMW?
  15. Ranger850

    I think the BUG bit me

    For Christmas, I got a Bezgar RC truck. I know it's not Top of the Line as far as RCs go, but this thing is fun. actual 4wd and loads of fun. I haven't had it for a week yet, but already want to "mod" it. I think I'm going to look into a more expensive one for the future, but for now, this...
  16. Ranger850

    Do You know these seats?

    I got them for free. Just wondering if anyone recognizes them, or knows what they came from. I can't find any stampings or markings. They were electric seats but the motor must be mounted in the car, and not the seats. No marking on the electronics either.
  17. Ranger850

    98 4.0 ???'s

    There is a 98 2wd Splash 4.0/auto available to me for $1500. I know it runs, but I also know it leaks fluids. Not sure which ones, neither does the owner. It's his daughter's and they don't have the time/money to fix it and want to cut there losses. . The body and interior are very clean...
  18. Ranger850

    Great truck for parts $400

    https://m.facebook.com/groups/1413127045662245/permalink/2652685558373048/ Says no title, bit if it looks half as good in person, it could get an old Ranger that runs looking pretty good.
  19. Ranger850

    External Hard drive disappears

    I have an External Hard rive that keeps disappearing from my computer. I van un plug it, the plug it in and the computer will see it for about 3-4 minutes, then it disappears and the computer cant read it. It is a "WD" My Book Essential 1TB hard drive. I have another one, 500G, it is older...
  20. Ranger850

    Antique License Plates??

    Each state has it's own requirements for "Antique Tags". Some states make you wait 30 years, some it's 25 years. Anybody here running 'Antique' or 'Classic' plates on their Ranger. If so, what are your state requirements, and what does the plate look like (pics plz)? Any vanity tags...

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