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  1. Ranger850

    Door trim/seal

    I'm getting off my lazy butt to go do a compare/contrast between the two. Soon ...
  2. Ranger850

    Door trim/seal

    How different is the rubber seal for doors between different Ford models. I just helped a buddy strip down a 2011 police interceptor Crown Vic. It was a low mileage patrol car and the interior pieces were in excellent condition, including the seals. Could I possibly swap that out for the seals...
  3. Ranger850

    Ocala, FL

    I moved to Florida from Arkansas when I was in the 6 the grade (1988). I hated it at first, now I'm a full fledge Florida Man.
  4. Ranger850

    I didn't do anything to my Ranger today

    funny. I will NOT be lifting it anymore than it is sstock. It's an "Edge" so it's got a little lift. If anything, I will remove those blocks and level out the nose for a more "lowered stance"
  5. Ranger850

    I didn't do anything to my Ranger today

    Mine has been parked for over two years ,now. The last thing I bought for it was a V8 Explorer donor. I "plan" on putting tires that hold air on it so I can maneuver it into a better position, so I can actually work on it. It broke a valve spring and i fell into the TRS rabbit hole.
  6. Ranger850

    I didn't do anything to my Ranger today

    Does spending money on it count as doing "anything" to it? That's some gray area you're in there.
  7. Ranger850

    I didn't do anything to my Ranger today

    I haven't done anything to MY Ranger either. I had plans to really dig into this year, but this year is almost half way over with.
  8. Ranger850

    Disable Auto Stop/Start

  9. Ranger850

    what trans is this

  10. Ranger850

    1987 Ranger 4.0 SOHC

    exactly. That's at least 30 cool points
  11. Ranger850

    1987 Ranger 4.0 SOHC

    But how many 1987 Rangers came with a 4.0? A Ranger that old with a 2001 4.0 would probably just as sweet as a v8 swap, IMHO
  12. Ranger850

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    cuz dey purdy
  13. Ranger850

    Photos of different wheel/tire sizes on stock and lowered 2WD's

    They are Ford rims, but we're more common on the Mazda B-series
  14. Ranger850

    Does a car’s year legally mean year

    And some salespeople don't even know what year model they are selling.
  15. Ranger850

    Newbie here - Not a truck but needing Explorer Parking Brake Help

    🍆🍑 That car is beautiful. Is auto-phelia a thing? Because I might have it. Good luck, I hope you get your answers you're looking for. There is a green Cougar like this running around Tallahassee, but not nearly as mint as yours.
  16. Ranger850

    Does a car’s year legally mean year

    I mentioned something similar but I thought it was '98. @snoranger what do you say?
  17. Ranger850

    New 2 me F-150

    The jury is still out on that ...
  18. Ranger850

    Does a car’s year legally mean year

    IIRC correctly, Ford sold two different body styled F-150s at the same time, circa 1998. The "heritage" the "new"style .
  19. Ranger850

    should I buy this ranger? (Option 5)

    Seems like a solid truck. Go check it out and offer $6K. It may well be worth the asking price, but it never hurts to barter a little.
  20. Ranger850

    97 Honda FourTrax 300

    It's definitely a well built machine. Motor runs good, and pulls strong. Just need to get it where it's safe to drive so I can teach the kids how to 'almost' kill themselves.

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