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  1. RumPunch

    Check Engine Light, 51 Erorr

    Is there somewhere good here to run through diag of check engine light codes? I have a miss/stutter (all original injectors installed after issue with aftermarket ones) now I am getting a 51 error code. Do I need the emissions manual off line?
  2. RumPunch


    Well I bought a burnt up 3930 New Holland a few years back it would run and move but needed cosmetics and tires. Installed new tires and a seat never went any further. So came across a trade in at work the other day and couldn't pass it up. I'd say upgrade. 😃
  3. RumPunch

    New addition

    Since I made comment on the "Hmmmmmm Another Project" post I may as well reveal my latest addition. This came about with a lot of chit chatting on awesome vehicles sitting and as I traveled eastern NC the other week for work I found TONS of awesome 70-90's vehicles sitting with little rust just...
  4. RumPunch

    Transfer Case Linkage

    Can anyone post a few pictures of a manual shift transfer case shift linkage set up? Not sure I have all that I need. Thanks.
  5. RumPunch

    New Truck Thoughts

    So I have a 2017 F250 XLT w/ 22k miles on it a leveling kit and 37 Trail Grapplers. It is a 6.2 truck and I literally hate putting miles on it. Only time I use it is towing my car trailer which will most likely end up being towing the BII I am building to the mountains etc. So I will end up...
  6. RumPunch

    Idle/Won't Start

    So to clarify the heading, the truck will run/idle/rev seemingly fine once started. But to start you have to play with the throttle like a carbureted engine. I have set timing, removed spout connector, 10 degrees advance. Run to temp, shut down, unplugged IAC started (really did not want to) and...
  7. RumPunch

    For Sale Center Console

    So while searching the pick a part locally I stumbled across a very personalized square body ranger. I noticed inside the custom fiberglass center console and couldn't pass it up. I have no need for it but if someone does make me an offer and I will ship. The armrest could use a new hinge. $100...
  8. RumPunch

    High Lift/Farm jack mount

    Please post some pics of what you have done to mount these on rangers/BII's!!!
  9. RumPunch

    For Sale Yellow Splash at Auction

    Stumbled across this upcoming auction truck is in NC 109k miles just sharing. Auction shows 1/17/22 https://www.iaai.com/VehicleDetails/42706521?tenant=US&RowNumber=71
  10. RumPunch

    Ford Performance Tune

    So I was just reading through @puckdodger post and did not want to clog his up with potentially unwanted comments/discussion on a tune that appears unavailable in his AOR. Can anyone comment here that has had the Ford Performance Tune done? Does anyone have any real facts/hard data on the Ford...
  11. RumPunch

    Key on voltage

    Good place to steal key on 12V in the cab? 88 Bronco II Thanks in advanced!
  12. RumPunch

    Universal Connectors

    Through my mechanic history I have accumulated a lot of odds and ends connectors and terminals but during my bronco build I have dwindled that supply down. I was in need of an assortment or good supply. Heard Deutsch lost the patent on the DT series connectors. So I started looking and ended up...
  13. RumPunch

    For Sale 1988 BII Ranger Bench Seat

    Swapped to buckets cloth is faded but not ripped on driver seat. Comes with tracks. 200. Can ship on your dime. Located in Richmond VA.
  14. RumPunch

    Rebuilt no start

    Have verified distributor timing, injectors are lighting, fuel pressure 35 psi cranking holds key off, when cranking seems to be sputtering putting will not run. Any suggestions? Anyone need more info... In the garage now..
  15. RumPunch

    Parts truck

    Well when opportunity presents itself, why not..? Co-worker sent me a link from Facebook. Got the guys number. 1988 BII XLT auto manual tcase manual windows locked engine(supposedly) tcase and driveshafts have been removed. Super clean tan interior factory interior spare tire (@Uncle Gump if you...
  16. RumPunch

    Wiring Conundrum

    So on my 88 BII (Auto, electric 4x4, power locks/windows) the main engine harness and connectors at the left inner fender are trashed. I have scowered the internet and junk yards and came across a 2 wheel drive automatic 88 2.9 ranger( manual windows and locks) and got the engine harness, looks...
  17. RumPunch

    App Issue

    So I have noticed the Ford App get hung up or not respond multiple times. Live in BFE assumed it was poor service or just normal Bluetooth issues. Have nearly 35k miles this weekend used the app to start the truck (which automatically locks the doors) keys were in the truck, have had this happen...
  18. RumPunch

    No crank

    Had engine and trans out and reinstalled. Know my engime harness is in really really bad shape. Went to try to start and nothing in crank position on key switch. Plenty of battery charge. Checked voltage at excitor wire on solenoid, 7 volts But I get 7 volts on key on and cranking. Should not...
  19. RumPunch

    Poor advertisements...

    Absolutely love this site and try to keep it pulled up throughout the days at work when I can but advertisements like this is going to get it black listed for me from IT if they keep showing up, is there anything that can be done...?
  20. RumPunch

    For Sale M5R2 Top Cover

    I have a completely rebuilt M5R2 top cover, ordered it several years ago for a rebuild I was doing, went another route. Can't recall what I paid for it feel like it was several hundred dollars after the core. Someone make an offer, willing to ship. Still wrapped in saran wrap from when I...

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