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  1. mud junky

    Lift options

    Long story short I need more ground clearance without ripping my front end apart. My options seem limited, and I am hoping you guys can help me figure something out. Here is how my ranger currently sits. 2003 FX4, 3" body lift, 2.75" torsion bar crank, 3" lift shackles in the rear, and 35's. And...
  2. mud junky

    Computer Programers

    Looking to find out what computer programer would be best for me. I would like it to have at least 2 modes, one for gas savings and the other for max power/ performance. Of the power end is the most important to me. My rig is an 03 FX4 4.0l, so who makes the best programers? Thanks
  3. mud junky

    Front end Gears

    I am looking to get a set of 4.56 gears for the front end of my 2003 IFS Ranger. but when I look I have three options and I am not sure which one is right. They are labeled as: Dana 35 c clip Dana 35 non c clip and Dana 35 IFS reverse on the site I am looking to order from. I would assume it is...
  4. mud junky

    Gears for mud drags

    In the last year I have gotten into side by side mud drag racing, and am trying to figure out ways to make my Ranger faster. I figure the best way to do this is by getting the gear ratios right. I currently run the drags in 4 low because it launches off the line much better that way, and 300ft...
  5. mud junky

    4.88's in at 03' ranger

    I want to put deep gears in my 2003 ranger, but wonder if I put in 4.88's if the front pinion gear would be to small and cause issues. Any thoughts on this?:dunno:
  6. mud junky

    Acceleration improvement ideas?

    I have recently gotten in to fast track mud drag racing with my 03 fx4 ranger. For an almost stock truck it does real well, but I am looking for ways to improve on my times. This is a 300ft drag, and I do it in 4low for max power and acceleration. I have yet to find the red line in 4th gear, so...
  7. mud junky

    2003 Alignment

    I wanted to get an alignment for my 2003 ranger FX4. They told me that the nut used to adjust the cast and camber is not adjustable on my truck, and that I would need to buy a $70 kit to be able to make the adjustments and align my truck. I could be wrong, but I think they are trying to BS me...
  8. mud junky

    Need clutch help

    I will start by saying I am a noob to working on my rig, I learn as I go. I have been trying to bleed my clutch with no success. I needed to replace the line between the master cylinder and the slave cylinder. First I had a hell of a time getting the quick connect to connect. A friend of mine...
  9. mud junky

    Right part?

    i needed a replacement part for my FM-146. a co-worker of mine had the part i needed, but for a different transmission, but says there all the same part. the part is the quick connect for the clutch fluid line were it goes into the bell-housing. his Ranger that the part was for is a 98 2wd. not...
  10. mud junky

    Race Team

    i hope this is OK. if it is not and the mods want to delete it, that i fine with me and i will understand and not do this again. I own a small Race team up hear in New England. our race rig is an 88 B2. we have three drivers, and two sponsors. we Race at the "local mud bogs" in NH, and VT. we...
  11. mud junky

    Bronco II VS. Dodge shadow

    My Rig is at my sponsors shop. yesterday they got board and decided to park it on top of a dodge shadow. Wish i was there when it happened, because i have always wanted to use a car as an RTI ramp. but at least they sent me a pic.:yahoo: thought it was cool so i figured i would share it.
  12. mud junky

    Drag Racing

    trying to figure out which of my rigs would be better for one event i plan on racing. this type of racing will be totally new to me. i normally do deep mud aka trench racing with my B2. but the event im looking at doing is a 100yard, shallow (about 6" of mud) mud drag race. hear are the specs...
  13. mud junky

    Want more power

    let me start off by saying i have read the tech write ups, as well as several of the topics in the 2.9l section before coming to the conclusion that a new thread was warranted. i feel that there is contradicting information that has been given, making my decision on how to gain more power...
  14. mud junky

    Rims for my 2003 FX4

    im looking to get new rims and rubber for my 2003 FX4. i would rather go with 15x8's if i can get away with it. but not sure i can. i tried putting my tires from my B2 on to see if they would fit. 35x12.50R15 on 15x8 steel rims with a 3.75 back spacing and they did clear the calipers, but not by...
  15. mud junky

    Tire options

    i am currenly looking to put bigger tires on my Ranger. cant deside between 255/85R16, and 285/75R16. my big concern with the 255's is that along with the 3 body lift i got, crancking the T bars, and adding the taller tires that i might be to tall and narrow, and more prone to rolling. thoughts...
  16. mud junky

    is it possible?

    my wife had less than 1/2 a mikes hard lemmonade, and she is acting like she is totaly **** faced. iv herd of low alcohol tollerances, but 1/2 of one drink? :icon_confused:
  17. mud junky

    your kidding right?

    http://youtu.be/YXFV6242g-8 hmmmmmmmmmm. lets see. the explorers front tires were locked up, and the rear tires rolled backwards. so not only did then not have the exporer even try, buit they had to disable the rear breaks. end they expect people to believe it was a fair test of wich rig was...
  18. mud junky

    i tryed

    yesterday i tryed to stuff a 35X12.50R15 DC Crusher under my 2003 Ranger FX4 with only a 3"body lift. it would work if i did not have to turn.:icon_twisted: i figure if i crank the T bars about 2" and make a small cut in my buper (marked in white in the next pic) that i could run them.
  19. mud junky


    im looking for a set of tires, and unfortunatly for me i have a verry strange list of what i want out of them. i want a tire with the strongest possible side wall, that would be verry hard to destroy. the two tires that come to mind are the bogger, and the TSL SX. but hear is were i have to be...
  20. mud junky

    air shocks?

    my 2003 Ranger FX4 has air shocks in the rear. Installed by its last owner. Im guessing by all the towing exuiptment he installed on it he did a significant amount of towing with it. the other day was the first time i drove it on a road bad enugh that i could tell somthing was not right with my...

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