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  1. Bill

    Well, this is discouraging/getting assistance when filing taxes

    As you all know, Congress decided to simplify and streamline filing taxes by eliminating Form 1040EZ form that most people use, and rearranging Form 1040 by adding so many schedules that most of us don't need to even think about because we used 1040EZ in years past. You can't even figure out...
  2. Bill

    Torque wrenches in in. lbs

    Does anyone know of a decent 3/8" drive torque wrench that measures in inch/lbs? I'm looking for a moderately priced one ($40-60) and I'm only seeing brands I've never heard of (Capri Tools, Tekton, etc). Unfortunately, Craftsman doesn't carry them anymore.
  3. Bill

    In search of replacement shocks.

    At 150K miles, my shocks are worn out! I'm looking for as close to original ride quality as I can find for a 2007 2wd. Does anyone have any suggestions other than buying Motorcraft shocks as a replacement, which I've considered? I don't like that floating feeling a lot of Monroe shocks. A...
  4. Bill

    Ford scales back truck, SUV production

    http://money.cnn.com/2008/05/20/news/companies/ford_trucks.ap/index.htm?postversion=2008052017 The U.S. version of the Ranger is still being made, but production is expected to end next year when Ford closes the St. Paul, Minn., plant that makes it. Ford is considering bringing a global...
  5. Bill

    Ford's U.S. sales down 20%

    Ford Motor Co. reported today U.S. sales of 189,863 vehicles in September, down 20.5% compared to the same month a year ago as the automaker’s trucks and SUVs continued to slide. Ford F-series sales for September fell 20.8% to 56,065, and Explorer sales dropped 31.9% to 10,690. The Escape was a...
  6. Bill

    Volvo DOHC Head Swap for the 2.3L OHC

    Detailed instructions for swapping a Volvo DOHC 16V head to a Lima. http://www.4bangerturbo.com/volvodohc.htm Interesting!
  7. Bill

    No 3.0L V6 for 2008 B-series

    The article is about Mazda's future plans. No mention of discontinuing the B-series, or changing its platform. Just another mention of uncertainty. Why is Ford keeping us in the dark? B series: Demand for compact pickups is waning, so the Mazda version of the Ford Ranger will lose the...
  8. Bill

    Duratec animation

  9. Bill

    No mud flaps on 2007 Rangers?

    The CHP pulled me over. The first thing the officer said was, "nice truck. Looks good without the mud flaps, but you have to put them back on." The problem is I never took them off. They weren't on there when I bought the truck, and I'm in one of those states that requires them. Anyone else...
  10. Bill

    Quality car car products

    I'm not terribly big on buy a lot of car care products, but since my new truck has that black plastic on the exterior that turns kind of gritty looking it it isn't cared for, I was wondering what people are using for this that dust doesn't stick too. I guess I'm looking for something that...
  11. Bill

    New Ranger

    I bought a new Ranger last week 2007 XLT Standard Cab, 2.3L Duratec, Manual transmission. The 4 cylinder's performance is damn near identical to the 3.0L V6. I've driven both engines in a Ranger. The only real difference I can feel between the two is the 3.0L is a little better with the air...

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