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  1. 97Ranger3.0

    97 Ranger Fog Lights Keep Burning Up

    On my 97 with fog lights, this thing burns up the H3 bulbs like crazy. I'm wondering if this is a common/known issue and expected, or if it's because I have aftermarket fog light housings. When I bought my truck, the glass housings were busted so I bought a pair off ebay. It seems like water is...
  2. 97Ranger3.0

    For Sale Stock Intake for 97 3.0 Ranger w/ K&N filter

    Complete factory intake setup for a 97 3.0 Ranger. Might fit other years. Comes with a drop in K&N filter, which is in good condition, just needs to be cleaned and re oiled. $40 OBO. Spartanburg county, SC
  3. 97Ranger3.0

    For Sale Transmission crossmember

    Stock transmission crossmember from a 97 4wd Ranger. $40 OBO. Located in Spartanburg County, SC
  4. 97Ranger3.0

    Extended Sway Bar Links for TTB Rangers

    I read somewhere on here recently that rear sway bar links from a 95-01 Explorer would work for the front of a lifted TTB Ranger, so I wanted to share my experience with this. I bought a set of these, but it turns out that the top bolt on these links is facing the wrong way. I believe to make...
  5. 97Ranger3.0

    For Sale (SOLD) Misc TTB Ranger Parts

    Edit - all parts sold
  6. 97Ranger3.0

    SOLD! 93-97 Ranger Billet Grille Black (no longer available)

    EDIT - no longer available For free, a billet grille for 93-97 Rangers in matte black. I installed it on my truck and didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Whole assembly including the insert and its hardware, the upper grille trim and the corner trim pieces. Local pickup, Spartanburg...
  7. 97Ranger3.0

    What is wrong with my locking hub...?

    Long story short, I've been having this intermittent strange noise coming from the passenger side while I'm driving. I've been trying to figure out what it is, and today after replacing the front wheel bearings I noticed this. Spinning the tire by hand sometimes the locking hub would make this...
  8. 97Ranger3.0

    93-97 Fender Flare Clips/Hardware

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if the clips & hardware used to hold the fender flares on the 93-97 Rangers can still be bought new? Or has anyone come up with their own hardware for these? I'm doing some body/paint work on mine so I took the flare off, and when it came off it left all of the...
  9. 97Ranger3.0

    For Sale 60/40 Seats, 60/40 Seat Belt Brackets, Power Ext Cab Seat Tracks (SC)

    Ford Ranger 60/40 Split Bench Seats from a 1997. The seats are in decent shape for their age, passenger side has no rips or tears, driver's side has a couple small tears. Selling because I upgraded to bucket seats with a center console and no longer need these. The folding console has a...
  10. 97Ranger3.0

    3.0 Doesn't Get Up To Operating Temp After Coolant Flush

    Hey guys, I recently did a coolant flush on my 97 3.0. While I was doing the coolant flush, I replaced the thermostat with a new one from NAPA (OE temp). The original one seemed to be working, but I figured why not swap it out while I was flushing the system anyway. However, ever since then...
  11. 97Ranger3.0

    Battery negative cable goes to...?

    Sorry in advance for the dumb question lol. On my 1997 Ranger with the 3.0, I noticed that there was a black cable hanging down near the starter not hooked up to anything. I followed the cable up and realized it is the negative cable directly from the negative terminal on the battery. :oops...
  12. 97Ranger3.0

    HVAC Vacuum Leak?

    So, I believe I have a vacuum leak somewhere in the HVAC system on my 97 Ranger. I don't know much about how the vacuum controlled HVAC works, so I don't even know where to start looking. I've attached a video to help show what is going on. I don't always remember this switch making so much...
  13. 97Ranger3.0

    M5OD Alternative Fluids

    *Let me start this off by saying, yes I know that the M5OD takes Mercon V ATF, and that you should go with what is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer *I'm not condoning using the incorrect transmission fluid, I would just like this to be a discussion on what people have tried and their...
  14. 97Ranger3.0

    3.0 Intermittent Stumble then Quit

    Hey guys, About a month ago, out of nowhere when I started my truck (97 3.0 Ranger) it started stumbling/misfiring and then stalled out on me about 30 seconds after running. When I tried to start it back up, it would start after longer than normal cranking and run for a very short period of...
  15. 97Ranger3.0

    Wanted WTB: Superrunner Steering System

    Looking for a Superrunner Steering System in the Houston, TX area. Or willing to pay shipping possibly.
  16. 97Ranger3.0

    A/C Compressor Clutch Engages with Heat on...?

    Hi everyone, So I recently fixed my non working A/C in my 1997 Ranger. I had to replace the compressor and got the system recharged the other day and it now works great. This morning though, I went to turn the heat on as it was a little chilly and I thought I heard that subtle 'click' sound...
  17. 97Ranger3.0

    Upgrade to 130A alternator or no?

    Hey guys, looking for an opinion on what to do. I've got a 1997 Ford Ranger with the 3.0 which has a 95 amp alternator from the factory. The alternator was already replaced when I bought the truck and seems to do fine. However, I've added a two speed electric fan from a 3.8 Ford Thunderbird...
  18. 97Ranger3.0

    Shudder/Vibration Around 40-45 MPH, then 60 MPH +

    First of all; I'm not sure where best to post this, so if it needs to be moved elsewhere I'm sorry about that! So, I've got a 1997 Ranger 4x4 3.0 5 speed regular cab 7' bed. I've had this issue since I got the truck 2 years ago and have still not figured out the issue. Basically, there is this...
  19. 97Ranger3.0

    Parking Brake Pedal Problems, Looking For Help!!

    Looking for advice on my parking brake pedal assembly issue for my 97 Ranger. Recently, I noticed that my parking brake pedal skips so I don't have a functional parking brake anymore. When you press in the pedal and get a little bit of tension on the cables, it suddenly skips and pulls your foot...
  20. 97Ranger3.0

    NEED Y-Pipe for '97 3.0 Ranger

    Looking for a Y-pipe for my truck. My truck is a 1997 3.0 4x4, not sure what other years would interchange but I imagine probably 95-97 would. I just need the section of Y-pipe in between the manifolds and cat pipe. I cut mine up when I did my clutch job and I can't get it to stop leaking and...

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