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  1. farmer

    WTB: 89-94 NON-Tach gauge cluster

    Looking for a non tach gauge cluster for my 91, I know 89-92 fit, 93-94 might fit. Thanks
  2. farmer

    Full Size questions

    I just picked up a 82 Bronco, not planning on anything wild, fix some stuff, and upgrade the front suspension to handle the awful roads up here. Is there a site with the tech articles for the fullsize trucks, like what is here? I gotta thank Jim for all the hard work over the years to make the...
  3. farmer

    Ignition Woes

    So I've come in search of which direction to take with my troubleshooting. Backstory: Ranger with carb'd 351w swapped in using Duraspark ignition from the 84 donor F250. Using the original TFI coil and spliced into the wiring on that to Duraspark harness for my (+) and (TACH) wires. Also add in...
  4. farmer

    4 speed Hydraulic Clutch Problem Resolved

    Hey guys, wanted to pass along some information for others looking at doing a v8 swap. When I did my 351w swap I used a T19 from a 84 F150 (T18, T19, and NP435 are all very similar transmissions and bellhousing do interchange) with the hydraulic clutch bellhousing. I've seen all over the...
  5. farmer

    Stuck wheel bearings!

    The wheel bearings on my Dana 44 front mangled themselves, had to torch and chisel the inner locknut off, now the inner race on the outer bearing is stuck. Heated it up with the torch, tried cutting it and putting the air hammer to work, still won't budge. What would you guys try? The 44 is...
  6. farmer

    Low/No Oil Pressure 351w

    So I'm at my wits end here. I'm finishing up my motor swap and I've noticed my mechanical oil pressure gauge is showing no oil pressure. First thought was just some shit in the line from the swap. So the next though was loosen the gauge sender, so it would leak if it had pressure. Tried it but...
  7. farmer

    Ford power steering pump

    Maybe some with some insight or experience can lend their 2 cents. My stock power steering pump has nipple and a block off plug right adjacent to the fill cap. Is this designed to be used as an add on external reservoir? I'm mounting a milemarker hydraulic winch on the truck and powering it off...
  8. farmer

    Fuel pump not coming on

    Doing a carb'do motor swap on a 91 Ranger with a 2.9. I have the motor in place, all the original wiring is just zip tied on the firewall out of the way. When I turn the key on the fuel pump isn't kicking on. I drove the truck in Friday and never have had a fuel pump issue. Help!
  9. farmer

    351w swap in progress.

    So I have the 351w in place and bolted down, this is going carbureted. I have a bypass style fuel pressure regulator all mounted up and the lines run. I Torres checking for leaks and the electric fuel pump didn't kick on. All the wiring from the motor was unplugged and zip tied back. I assume...
  10. farmer

    For those that have swapped in 70s F150 coil buckets...

    ...how did you make the bucket sit flat on the drivers side with the power steering box bump? I'm about to start on this and any tips from personal experience would be great. Btw my Dana 44 is narrowed so I don't want to make the buckets hang out a lot on each side.
  11. farmer

    Almost ready to start my swap, last questions

    Truck is a 91 Ranger with the 2.9, almost done amassing the parts to start the 351 swap. Motor came out of an 84 F250, came complete with t18, hydro bellhousing, and transfer case, for a whopping $100 and a week of work. I'm planning on running a carb with this motor, keeping the stock in tank...
  12. farmer

    83-88 nose on a 91

    I've searched and searched and searched some more and I can't find what I'm looking for. Planning on swapping a 1st gen nose onto my 91, I have fenders, hood, filler panel, and all the lights. Everything except the core support. Problem is mounting the 1st gen headlights on the 2nd gen core...
  13. farmer

    Coil Spring recommendations

    I'm looking to change the coil springs on my SAS Ranger soon (taller) , it has 3" 79 spring in it now I think, they measure 17" with weight on them. Problem is I'm still on stock coil buckets, and I'm planning on adding F250 shock mounts when I change springs. I have 79 buckets, is it worth...
  14. farmer

    Time to upgrade rear end

    I've got a dilemma, here's the background Trucks running a Scout II Dana 44 rear end, right width and bolt pattern to match my narrow HP 44 front. Running 38" TSLs with the 2.9, probably will V8 within the year. Thursday the rear wheel bearing grenaded on my way home from work, destroyed...
  15. farmer

    Shades of Blue... Time to Repaint the Ranger

    I'm getting ready to repaint my 94 Ranger, and I was going to just redo the factory Lapis Blue. The guy that's going to paint it suggested that I change the shade of the blue slightly, said it will make a huge difference and help it stand out. So I have a couple ideas already, trying to see...
  16. farmer

    HELP! Center slip joint stuck!

    Hey I'm trying to do ujoints in my 94 with the D35 front, and I cant get the center slip shaft to separate, they move back and forth, bu wont come apart. any tips or tricks? I'm thinking about just pulling the whole diff off the beam
  17. farmer

    91 Ranger gets Re-Rebuilt

    91 Ranger gets Re-Rebuilt and SAS'd So this spring I rebuilt my 91 in 10 days for my buddies funeral, hate all you want but the Dana 35 stood up to the 40s pretty decent F-150 springs, 3" body, hacked fenders Then in August I took a little tumble on the way home in the morning after a long...
  18. farmer

    Advice on patching frame

    The frame on my 91 has gotten pretty tender behind the drivers side front leaf spring hanger, about the size of an oreo cookie, and I've enlisted the help of one of my buddies who worked at a fab shop for a couple years to help me get it taken care of. Question is what do you guys think is the...
  19. farmer

    Track Bar Questions

    Finishing up the solid axle in the 91, its a narrowed HP 44 with early bronco shafts. i have a stock 79 F150 trackbar i was going to cut down and sleeve it with leftover DOM from my steering kit, but it would be nice to make it adjustable. I saw where a guy had cut out a section on his track bar...
  20. farmer

    Rebuilt the 91 again, this time on 40s

    I just got my woods truck put back together for another season of wheeling. Put a new floor in, changed the motor for a newer better running 2.9, and regeared the front to match the Dana 44 rear end I picked up with 4.88s and a spool. I rebuilt the front shafts with Spicer 760 u-joints so...

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