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  1. Irishtat74

    4.7L swap

    Has anyone ever swapped a 4.7L in a 2000's ranger???
  2. Irishtat74


    Hello anyone and everyone. Does anyone or has anyone swapped the heads on a 3.0? I want to go with the 8mm valves . Just want to make sure the heads will line up. 2002 3.0 v6
  3. Irishtat74

    Thoughs 4 link suspension on lowered truck

    so pros and cons 4 link suspension on a lowered truck....and go
  4. Irishtat74

    Door lock moving

    Ok here's one either my truck is haunted by my dad or hes trying to tell me something. Changed the serpentine belt now truck is harder to crank over and the door locks while cranking ........anyone ever seen this before or heard of it?
  5. Irishtat74


    Hey everyone kinda new here but have a question. Thoughts on 60mm throttle body swap on a 2002 3.0 v6 automatic transmission?

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