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  1. nb11

    M50d-R1 rebuild and clutch

    My transmixer is just about in need of a clutch, and I want to freshen things up while I'm in there. For 185,000 miles, what should I look at replacing? It's a little tough to get in 1st gear, takes some finesse to shift to second, and every now and then wants to chirp a little getting into 3rd...
  2. nb11

    Could someone cut out my pinstripe?

    I figured it wouldn't be too hard to remove a pinstripe. If anybody gets a spare minute, I'd appreciate it if you could cut it out. Can't decide if it would look cleaner or too bare without it. Thanks!
  3. nb11

    Just to clarify...

    I think I have a bad alternator, but I'd like to ask some opinions real quick. I was out and about today in my truck and everything was fine. I ran in Lowe's for a few items and when I came out and started my truck, it started fine then instantly died. I had to keep it above 2k rpm to keep it...
  4. nb11

    Considering a welder

    Well, I'm considering purchasing a welder. I don't need something worthy of opening a fab shop with, I just think it would be a cool/useful skill to have. I'd probably practice on stuff around the house, and maybe eventually do a bumper or something. But I have a couple questions: 1. Stick or...
  5. nb11

    In the market for a radiator

    I have a small leak in my radiator where the plastic tank attaches to the core. I patched it with some epoxy which helped it leak less to get me home, but it still leaks a little and I know there's not really in point in trying to get it repaired. I've seen replacements on summit and rock auto...
  6. nb11

    Who makes a good radiator?

    My radiator has developed a small leak. Water has been leaking out where the plastic tank on the passenger side attaches to the metal core. I patched it with some epoxy to get me home, but I'm in the market for a new radiator. A Motorcraft replacement is like $400 but I can find them online for...
  7. nb11

    Which led's and how many?

    I'm trying to find some led bulbs for my guages from superbrightleds.com. I used their car finder feature and it said for general instrument I need a 161 and an 1815, then there are several options. Do I just need one bulb under each tab(161 and 1815)? If it helps, it's a 2003 xl with a 5spd...
  8. nb11

    Larger Tire Pressure?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find anywhere what tire pressure is recommended when running tires larger than stock. My truck came with 225/70/15's and I now have 235/75/15's. Should I increase from the factory recommended 30 psi? And what should I run if I get 31x10.5's later...
  9. nb11

    ABS and Cruise

    I have a couple problems on my 2003 xl. A while back I installed some coil spacers on the front for some lift, and in the process of removing the springs I had to disconnect my ABS sensors. Since I got it put back together, the ABS light won't go off. By slamming on brakes on a dirt road, I...
  10. nb11

    Looking for some travel

    I have the a-arm setup on my truck, and I'm looking to gain a little more travel. I've done a lot of searching, and read the article in the tech library, but I still need help. I have some coil spacers for a 2" lift on the front. I know, it's not much, but I allows what looks like about 3"...
  11. nb11

    Do offroad lights get real hot?

    I'm thinking of maybe mounting a pair of lights behind my grille, like some KC hilites or something. I have a honeycomb grille from an Edge, so I don't think it'll block out much light. However, I'm just worried about them getting too hot and melting the plastic.
  12. nb11

    Leveling questions

    To start with, yes I have searched, but still haven't quite found what I'm looking for. I just ordered a pair of Doetsch coil spacers. They are said to provide 2" of lift, so I don't think that means they're 2" thick (which I know would really lift it about 3 inches, which is a little too...
  13. nb11

    Very Mild '03 Ranger

    Not even sure if this could be considered a build thread, but I'm making it anyway :D So I got the keys to a 2003 Ranger xl for my 16th birthday. Its a regular cab short bed, 2wd, 2.3l, manual everything. Looks like a typical Napa parts delivery truck. This is with 235/75 Yokohama...
  14. nb11

    Natural gas conversion

    Has anybody done it? Know anybody who has? The other day a friend was telling me it's about $3500 to convert your vehicle to run on natural gas (compressed propane), and you get like a $1000 rebate if you do it. And fuel costs approximately $1.30 a gallon! And he said the first year you do it...
  15. nb11

    Leveling help!

    I've searched all over for the best/least expensive way to level my truck. It seems like I keep getting conflicting suggesions from trs members. But it's a 2003 ranger xl, reg cab, 2wd with the 2.3l and coil front suspension. I don't know if a homemade coil spacer will work or maybe someone...
  16. nb11

    Coil spacers

    Do they go above or below the spring? I'm looking to install some on my 2003 ranger. I think I'm gonna make some like those shown in the tech library, out of washers, and I'm already planning to get longer shocks. Any other tips? Thanks!
  17. nb11

    What can your 2wd RBV do?

    Not everybody has 4wd, and those of us with 2wd like to have fun too. Post pics of what your 2wd rig can do, modified or stock!
  18. nb11

    2wd to 4wd conversion

    I have a 2003 ranger xl reg. Cab with a 2.3 manual. What all will I need to turn it into a 4wd, besides the obvious parts? I know a lot of people will say it's not worth it, but i enjoy tinkering with things and would much rather build it myself than buy a new truck. Thanks.
  19. nb11

    How much is too much?

    I have a 2003 ranger, 2wd, with coil overs on the front, and I'm wanting to put some coil spacers in to level it a bit. I'm thinking maybe 1.5-2 inches of lift. How much is too much before I need to make changes to fix the amount of camber? And how much does an allignment job usually cost? Thanks!
  20. nb11

    Ranger xl leveling question

    I have a 2003 ranger xl, 2wd, 2.3l, basically your napa delivery model. I'm looking for a way to level it. It has coil springs, not torsion bars. What's the best way to level it? Coils spacers? And how much lift is safe before I need to modify other suspension components?

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