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  1. kaytor692

    86 running rough

    having issues with my 86 B2 its over fueling like crazy ive replaced the fuel pressure regulator as ive had one fail before. i have also replaced the map sensor but the fuel pump just runs constantly. key on engine off fuel pump just runs and runs. what controls the pump? any help would be great...
  2. kaytor692

    tranny problems 03 sport tracs stuck in drive

    soo i now its not a ranger but my step mother has a 03 ford sport tracs 4.0l auto 4x4 she was driving the other day and something popped so she pulled over and realized she had no reverse no park or neutral. and it wont start soo im told because it doesnt read the neutral safety switch. any...
  3. kaytor692

    4.0 clutch swap

    so i plan on doing the 4L clutch swap in my 86 b2 in the near future due to the fact that my clutch crapped out. wanted to know if i should go with a ceramic clutch or a plain jane oem replacement? also if theres any specific brand or stage that work the best for a DD weekend wheeler. any other...
  4. kaytor692


    last year i changed out my broken GKN style rear drive shaft with a broncograve yard u-joint style shaft. i need to replace the u-joints allready and wanted to no what u-joints it takes this is the one i have:http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-92466-86-87-rear-w-2-or-4wd-mt.html
  5. kaytor692

    86 B2 door latch

    hey guys im having a hard time finding a drives for latch for my 86 ive tryed lmc and rock auto and neither show anything for my 86 anyone no where i could find one other then a wrechers?
  6. kaytor692

    alinment bushing for my 86b2

    having trouble finding larger then 2 3/4 alinment bushings for my 86 b2 just wondering if anyone could send me a link or something would be great. ive tryed napa and a local auto parts store that i deal with throw work but i havent had any luck soo it would be much appreciated thanks
  7. kaytor692

    cold start issue

    soo lately ive been having probblems with my truck starting after it sits over night it will fire right up no problem but then stumbles like it wants to die out then it will pick back up and idle fine. when i started it this morning but when it did it thismorning it died and i had to restart it...
  8. kaytor692

    5.0 swap in 86 b2

    i recently found a 5.0 out of a 87 crown vic that a buddy has and is pulling out. the engine comes with full wiring harness and he only wants 100 bucks for it. he says it runs great (soo im told) but theres no transmisson. i wanted to no what would the best transmisson to put behind this if...
  9. kaytor692

    8.8rear end

    soo i have come acrossed a 8.8 limeted slip out of a 05 crown vic police interceptor im pretty sure it is a coil spring suspenion instead of air bags and i could pic it up really cheap if not free from a buddy just wanted to know if anyone has done this swap with this setup other then the leaf...
  10. kaytor692

    rear drive shaft

    i recently had my ( cv garbage ) in my 86 b2 break i found the conversion shaft on bronco graveyard just wondering if anyone is using it and if theyve had any problems with fit or anything like that. it will be going behind my 5spd with manual t-case...
  11. kaytor692

    lift coils

    so i recently got a set of 2.5" lift coils for the front of my 86 b2 4x4 and am going to get blocks for the rear just wanted to know if the stock shocks will work with this set up and how much this will jack the front into a v and if soo will the caster camber blocks will fix this problem ? thanks
  12. kaytor692

    fuel pressure

    what should the fuel pressure be on the rail in my 86 with the 2.9l?
  13. kaytor692

    crusie control question

    my 86 has crusie but it isnt workin i have vacumm at the vacuum controller but it dosent do anything is there a way to check the signal stat for power? or any comin problem with the system?
  14. kaytor692

    seat swap

    i found a set of seats from a 93+ ranger wanted not no if they will fit in my 86 b2?
  15. kaytor692

    extended brake lines

    might be a stupid question but im lookin into a 4'' lift (rought country) for my 86 b2 just wanted to no if i need to extend my brake lines

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