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  1. superj

    stupid county raised property taxes a bunch

    i wish my job was somewhere else. this stupid county raised my property taxes from 1700 to 2800 this year. the appraiser went on tv a few weeks ago and said they were raising it across the boards 30-40%.
  2. superj

    ranger raptor

    Ford Ranger Raptor Pickup to Kick Up Dust Storm in US (msn.com) v6 turbo
  3. superj

    long bed ranger camper shell

    i recently saw someone saying how hard it is to find a camper for a 7' ranger bed. there is one on facebook market place for 200 bucks. i just typed ranger camper in the search and it was down a bit of scrolling. no idea where and i don't have a link but its on there
  4. superj

    Ranger with auto transmission

    I don't believe I have ever driven a ranger with an automatic transmission so I have a question. My youngest son needs a vehicle to replace his Wrangler because he said 9-10mpg sucks and cold sucks. An extended cab 98 ranger with 3.0 and auto showed up near by for a good price and it's a clean...
  5. superj

    why is centering important on axles?

    i just read the post about shortening the axle to fit a kit car and it makes me wonder why is it important to center the diff for somethings when they are not aligned to begin with? they have u-joints or cv joints to allow for off sets and differences so why do people say its important when...
  6. superj

    The Wrangler that was rolled is back

    It's back to being able to used as a daily driver To this. Not perfect but driveable
  7. superj

    My son washed and waxed the ranger for pics

    He has whatever the new iphone is and wanted to take pics for the calendar. He washed and waxed the truck, put on tire shine and tried to get the plastic parts back to black. The truck came out really pretty
  8. superj

    Pretty good gas mileage for the trip

    I had to drive to the shiner brewery for a bike ride/race and decided to take the ranger for it's first real deal out of town trip. Other than needing to add cruise control, the truck was comfortable and did great. A cold front blew in Friday as I was leaving so I suddenly had a headwind...
  9. superj

    Do y'all's trucks ride rough?

    I mean really rough? We just got this 04 edge and it reminds me of when I had tightened the torsion bars a little too much on my trooper2 or frontier. It flexes about 1/2 an inch of you push on the front fender or bumper. It's really solid. How tall do you guys who are stock with stock...
  10. superj

    howdy from south texas!!

    i recently got this good looking little truck from my uncle. he turned 80 and started having trouble with his knee so he asked if i wanted to buy the truck from him. i wanted a small truck again so this was perfect. i have some experience on rangers and Mazda b2300 trucks from my dad owning...

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