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  1. pjtoledo

    2.3L ('02-'11) found oily piston, but not source of oil

    still in the process of swapping a 2.3 Duratec in my 2005. waiting for parts so I decided to pull the head off the tired original engine. 367,500 miles, massive oil consumption, plug #1 oil fouls, only 75 PSI of compression on #1. the other 3 are good. sure enough, #1 is covered with oil. I...
  2. pjtoledo

    once again I thank 2 people, maybe a 3rd.

    the first is the engineer that couldn't see the need for future service and placed the O2 sensor to where it obstructs about 1/8" of the space needed for a socket and extension on the upper exhaust manifold to Y pipe nut. I'll call this person half-assed because they did do a decent job placing...
  3. pjtoledo

    WD40 in fuel, internet says it's great (not)

    I've seen a couple "stupid headlines" on the internet saying adding WD40 to fuel improves mileage/performance. this is what WD 40 looks like after sitting for a couple months, the wax and other thick stuff settles out. ain't no way I want that in my fuel filters and injectors.
  4. pjtoledo

    What's going to happen when: device no longer supported

    having a situation with my laptop and an old printer has given me reason for concern about when these new computer controls everything vehicles get a few years on them. Will they simply drop off the supported list? there are Fords from the early 1900s that still run and drive. will there be any...
  5. pjtoledo

    surgery yesterday

    had a hernia sewn up Friday, recovery is going to be OK. that puts any wrenching on hold for a month or so. can't do any honey-do chores either
  6. pjtoledo

    2000 front yolk, did I get it too tight?

    replaced the front pinion seal and crush washer on my 2000. reused the same bearing and the carrier is still in the housing. got a bit carried away on the breaker bar and wound up with 21-22 inch pounds of moving torque driving both the pinion and carrier. is that too much for both? the book...
  7. pjtoledo

    school me on air rifles

    I need to deal with some pesky varmints at night without the neighbors getting involved. mostly rats with an occasional opossum. all at less than 30 yards. I already have a couple of break barrels but they are wayyy too noisy and would destroy a night vision scope. of course I want to stay away...
  8. pjtoledo

    Dana parts catalog, light duty Ford axles

    here 'ya go pages 11-14 for the 98+ SLA front axles. https://drivetrain.estoreseller.com/DanaCatalogs/x510-2.pdf if this link doesn't work for you, Jim's link in the following post takes you to the same catalog.
  9. pjtoledo

    Venmo hackers got me

    online fraud, gotta luv it :pissedoff: found out Venmo got to my account last week, went to the bank and opened a new account. Venmo hit the old account again last night, took it to a negative. I'm a little confused at how the bank allowed 3 transfers from an account that had only 57 cents...
  10. pjtoledo

    video of accidential shooting, only minor injuries

    gun range video, underscores why you never point it at someone. and careful handling. minor injuries, not very gruesume, both persons walked out of the room. https://www.wsfa.com/2022/01/07/graphic-woman-shot-after-mans-gun-accidentally-discharges-ohio-shooting-range/
  11. pjtoledo

    kill switch mandate in future vehicles article

  12. pjtoledo

    vent tube front diff 98+ D35-sla

    it's a bit rusty so I decided to remove it for cleaning and whatever. punched it out from the inside, it took a small amount of aluminum with it, thought I stripped the threads. turns out those aren't real threads, instead they are concentric rings, not spiral wound threads. apparently the tube...
  13. pjtoledo

    primitive engine repairs, elsewhere in the world. youtube

    I guess 'ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to get 'er done.
  14. pjtoledo

    source for D35 SLA C ring ?

    attempting to source new retaining rings/clips for the D35-SLA differential. There is 1 on the driver side inner CV, 2 on the intermediate shaft. Ford # F57Z-3Z498-BB (also AA) is long obsolete and # 82709 from Jeffs Bronco Graveyard is for the outer shafts pre-live hubs, it's too wide. no...
  15. pjtoledo

    rack differences between standard and extended cabs??

    according to Rock Auto there are different listings for the 2 cabs/chassis lengths. anybody know what the differences are? this applies to both 2000 and 2005.
  16. pjtoledo

    cool recovery video, Matt's gang vs old Suzuki

    it's all good but the best part starts about 11:30 Recovering Ed's LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains - YouTube In hindsight I should have probably posted this in the Photo-Video forum, oops.
  17. pjtoledo

    shipping woes

    getting packages via ground shipping is turning to a joke. the warehouse this shipped from is only 100miles from me, I could have literally walked there and back by now.
  18. pjtoledo

    anybody used pinion depth gauges on D35 SLA?

    going thru the manual getting ready for my 2000 front diff setup. looks like I need a precision tube that bridges the bearing saddles then a gage setup that sets a specific height from the inner pinion bearing. then work with the gap as compared to the +/- mark on the pinion gear. anybody have...
  19. pjtoledo

    ever buy tools that you will probably never need?

    HELL YEAH!!! got the last couple sockets today. now I have a complete socket set (well, the smallest is a nut driver) from 3/32" to 31/32" in 1/32 increments. a few of the sizes have a metric equivalent, most notably is the 21.5mm / 21mm flip socket for 27/32" anybody have any odd-ball nuts...
  20. pjtoledo

    new model of F150?

    emblem says it all.

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