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  1. cp2295

    5.0 swap with m5r2

    Got a 99 ranger 4x4 I'm swapping an explorer 5.0 into. I got a 4.2 m5r2. My question is pertaining to the bellhousing spacer plate. Is it the same for manual and auto transmissions as far as starter alignment? Also I'm using a 95 f150 5.0 clutch flywheel and starter, sound correct?
  2. cp2295

    1354 doubler center shaft

    Just curious if anyone has a good company they'd use to make a shaft that'll connect the two boxes. I bought a doubler box from behemoth drivetrain last year (11 months ago) and have gotten completely screwed on the deal. Pretty much threw that money away. so anyways I'm looking to make my...
  3. cp2295

    What headers to use with aftermarket heads?

    Hey guys i got a 97 explorer that I'm going to swap the drivetrain from into my 99 4x4 ranger. I was thinking of getting these heads before i swapped it in...
  4. cp2295

    Will any 302 accept explorer engine mount brackets?

    Hey everyone, i want to do a 5.0 swap at some point soon in my 99 and there's an 01 mountaineer at the local junkyard i can pick some stuff off of. I don't really have any desire to pull a motor at the junkyard nor do i have the space at the house right now. However being a 99 i do have a...
  5. cp2295

    Stumbles under full throttle

    Hey everyone, got my brother's 94 2.3 ranger that I just did a bunch of work on. I did a timing belt, plugs, wires, air and fuel filter, water pump, thermostat etc. It developed a new issue where it stumbles when you snap the throttle in neutral, and completely bogs down when you floor it...
  6. cp2295

    Bearing clearances

    Got a 4.0 pushrod engine I'm rebuilding. Just curious if .002" clearance on the rods is a good reading? I'm using plastigauge so can only get a decently accurate reading but all 6 were consistently .002" according to the plastigauge. Crank spins smooth fully assembled, rods have side to side...
  7. cp2295

    OEM used timing chain vs aftermarket

    In the middle of rebuilding a 4.0 OHV and was curious whether a new aftermarket cloyes timing set with tensioner/guides would be better than just reusing the good stock Ford parts. The sprockets don't have any wear to speak of, and the tensioner worked great (it was quite difficult to compress...
  8. cp2295

    Boomerang shackles vs shackle relocation

    Hey everyone, got an 86 b2. SASd linked all the goodies up front but the rear has some nice wore out stock f150 leafs a stock lift block and bell tech shackles (its a tall rig). Anyways the front flexes like nuts but the rear could definitely use some extra articulation. My shackle angle right...
  9. cp2295

    M5OD grinding/gear slapping sound on deceleration

    Hi everyone swapped a 4.0 and m5od in my b2 from a donor Explorer. Drove the explorer around for a hundred miles and then stole parts from it. The trans/t case never made any odd sounds in the Explorer but now that they are in the bronco there is a very bad grinding sound on deceleration. Starts...
  10. cp2295

    Cv style shaft on rear bw1354

    Hey everyone I’ve been flirting with the idea of doin a doubler on my bronco 2, but got to thinking I’m going to need a double cardan shaft like the front has on the rear. With a single case I already almost need one so definitely would with a doubler. How is everyone mating there double cardan...
  11. cp2295

    No communication with OBD 2 plug

    Hi everyone I’ve recently swapped a 96 4.0 engine/ecu/wiring into the 86 B2. Motor runs so i decided to get the obd 2 plug wired in. I’ve got the correct wires plugged into the ecu harness (purple, pink/blue, tan/orange) and I have 12v supplied to the orange wire, and the black, and black/white...
  12. cp2295

    M5OD custom bent shifter pics

    Anybody ever made a bent shifter for an M5OD like the fm145 has? Swapping a 4.0 and an M5OD into the b2 and noticed that the shifter sits a couple inches forward, and I’ll have to notch the body a little to accept the shift plate. I have a feeling I’m going to dislike how far forward the shifter...
  13. cp2295

    Help identifying electrical component, and figuring out sputtering issue.

    Hi everyone, got an 86 bronco 2 2.9. There is one electrical component located on the wiring harness drivers side where it runs between the engine and fender well. It has a green wire going to it on either end, and when the loom is on the harness it sticks out of it. I have never seen one like...
  14. cp2295

    Transfer case skipping

    Hey everyone, swapped a bw1354 into the bronco 2, and on my first test run everything worked good. However this last time I went out and played in the snow whenever i was in reverse and 4 low and had to put the throttle down I heard a massive bang, I have heard this same noise before on my...
  15. cp2295

    OBD 2 4.0 into an 86 bronco 2

    So I was thinking about swapping a 4.0 into the bronco, my 2.9 is tired and burning oil and doesn’t run quite right. I personally like obd2 much better than obd1. I also like MAF sensors vs MAP sensors. If I were to get a complete engine harness, and possibly a body harness from a ranger how...
  16. cp2295

    Mounting shocks to lower link

    Hey everyone this is the last touch on the sas on my 86 b2. Got f250 shock towers and mounting the shock to the lower link mount is possible but the angles just look much better if I welded the mount to the lower link just before the mount. Wondering if this is a bad idea and if my shocks would...
  17. cp2295

    Putting f150 spring in bronco 2/ranger leaf pack

    Hey everyone, got a pair of f150 leafs at the junkyard after i read something about f150 springs working in rangers with no modifications and netting 4” of lift. Theyre sitting in my b2 and the shackle angle just isnt right. These springs are about 1.5” shorter eye to eye and looks like if i put...
  18. cp2295

    1986 b2 sas build thread

    Hey everyone finally tearing down my bronco 2. Got the rig for $250 about 9 months ago, threw a clutch in it and away i went. Beat the living piss out of it and it died on me eventually, ended up being a blown distributor so threw a new one of those in there and some ignition and she ripped! So...
  19. cp2295

    BW1350 front slip yoke cause any problems?

    Hi, i have a b2 that im doing a sas on and was curious if the front driveline will cause me any issues since it goes into the t case with a slip yoke as opposed to a fixed yoke/flange. Has anyone running to issues with spitting the front driveline when they are flexed out? Would i be okay if i...
  20. cp2295

    Bronco 2 D30 SAS coil spring options?

    Hey everyone im doing an SAS on the old bronco 2, and yes im using a dana 30 and no im not getting a damn 44!! Lol theyre just getting way too spendy and scarce. Plus dana 30s are narrow, cheap and the right bolt pattern. I got mine for $130! Anyways im having a tough time finding what springs...

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