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  1. can I put a 4 barrel carb on my 86 ranger with 2.0

    Never mind
  2. 84 mustang engine going into a 86 ranger

    Hello, I purchased a 1986 ford ranger recently and wanted a little more umph and I saw this 1984 mustang with a 2.3L. My truck has a 5 speed manual I was hoping someone would know if the bolt pattern matched up, I'm not sure if the 2 year difference would make a difference. Thanks
  3. Largest tired a 2.0l can handle

    I just purchased a 1986 ranger with the small 2.0l 4 banger with a 5 speed manual. I'm in high school so with out spending too much money I wanted to put larger tired on it. I was wondering if anyone knew how big I could go without putting too much strain on the engine. Wheel size,ford...

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