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  1. escort_gts

    Escort's Project Family Wheeler

    I have outgrown my ranger as a wheeler and needed something with a little more room. Some thing that can comfortable hold four people. So I was on the lookout for an Explorer. I decided on trying to find a 5.0 2nd gen. I found this one with a blown transmission, less than 105k miles and fully...
  2. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill Fall Run October 26, 2013

    I know its not much notice, but making a trip to Bundy Hill this Saturday. It will be the last one this year before they close for the winter. Anyone care to join? Sent from my HTC VLE_U using Tapatalk
  3. escort_gts

    On-Board air using A/C pump

    Here is my setup using the stock ranger A/C compressor. Parts needed with prices. Prices are estimated: *a 160psi max tank 5 gallons or equivalent $35 *in line oiler 1/2"NPT $4 *manifold w/at least 4 outlet ports 3/8 NPT inlet 1/4 NPT outlets $8 *shutoff switch 90psi on/120psi off 1/4" NPT $10...
  4. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill July 6th

    Saturday July 6th, 2013 Time: 9:00am 9960 E. Chicago Rd. Jerome, MI Let's get together for a meet and do some wheeling! Their >WEBSITE< Entry is 20$ per vehicle and 5$ per passenger, state ATV pass is NOT required. ATV flag is required, flags are sold at the entry point for 15$ (20$ with...
  5. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill St. Patty's Day Run

    Saturday March 16th, 2013 Time: 9:30am 9960 E. Chicago Rd. Jerome, MI Their >WEBSITE< If the world doesn't end we can all get together for wheeling/meet. Planning way ahead so everyone can make plans. This will be the opening weekend for the 2013 season. There will be a scavenger hunt for...
  6. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill fall run

    Checking interest. I want to make a run this fall to Bundy Hill. Looks like in October, either the 13th or 27th. If your interested post away. Edit: day will be the 13th of October Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
  7. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill fall run

    Checking interest. I want to make a run this fall to Bundy Hill. Looks like in October, either the 13th or 27th. If your interested post away. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
  8. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill May 12th

    Planning another run at Bundy Hill, Saturday May 12. Probably same time as before 10:00 maybe 9am if anyone wants to start earlier. It's the rainy season so hopefully the trails will be fun. Who's in? Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
  9. escort_gts

    Leaky windshield

    The windshield leaks on the passenger side, I can see water dripping but only when I'm driving. If it is sitting it doesn't leak. Anyone else ever have this problem? Sent from my HTC EVO using Tapatalk
  10. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill March 17th

    A small group of us are planning a meet and do some wheeling at Bundy Hill in Jerome, MI on Saturday March 17th. Anyone want to join in? Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
  11. escort_gts

    Just pics of my Ranger

    I've been wanting for a while to just have a thread for pictures only of my truck. I have people ask me for pictures because they are all spread out in my build thread. These should be posted in order by date. These are right after the axle swap and 4wd conversion. These were all taken May/June...
  12. escort_gts

    Project 85 Yota

    It all started with my brother riding along with me to Bundy Hill in Michigan. The next weekend he bought this It was a 89 Toyota, not street legal with a locked rear. He played with it for a few weeks around his property and it needed some work. Had broken leaves on both sides and the PO...
  13. escort_gts

    Anyone have these headlights?

    I need new lights badly, I've seen these in eBay for a while. Are they any good? Or is it a waste of money? Sent from my HTC using Tapatalk
  14. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill Nov 12th

    Bundy Hill wheeling November 12th Saturday. So far it will be me, my brother in his yota and his friend with his Samurai. Anyone want to join? Sent from my HTC using Tapatalk
  15. escort_gts

    Need opinions for new tires

    I need a new set of tires. The ones I have, Mud King, just aren't holding up for what I will be doing to them. Just from normal use and only one trip to an off road park one tire is destroyed. They are 35x12.5r15. I want to keep the same size. I can use my discount through work for BFGoodrich...
  16. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill trip Sept 3rd

    Making the trip up north to Bundy Hill in Jerome Michigan on Saturday September 3rd if anyone would like to join in.
  17. escort_gts

    Bundy Hill trip Sept 3rd

    Going to make a trip to Bundy Hill on Labor day weekend Saturday september 3rd. Anyone like to join me?
  18. escort_gts

    8.8 31 spline shafts question

    Are the 31 splined shafts the same length as the 28 splined? I have an 8.8 with 28sp shafts and have a line on 31 spline shafts for almost nothing. I know I would need a new carrier but want to know if the 31's are the same length before I buy them.
  19. escort_gts

    Escorts 2nd SAS

    Escort_gts 2nd SAS My 89 2.3 finally died with 431K miles. So I found this 93 in excelent shape with less than half as many miles as the 89. Here is how it sits as of now. 93 ext cab 2wd ranger 4.0L M5OD 8.8 28 spline rear with 4.56 Motive gears and lock-right locker 92 XJ Dana 30 axle with...
  20. escort_gts

    2.9 & 4.0 M50 mainshaft differences??

    Anyone know if there is a difference between the 2.9 and a 4.0 M50 4X4 mainshaft? I am thinking of converting my 4.0 2wd trans to a 4wd trans. The M50 I have in my old truck is newly rebuilt and would hate to have to buy a 4.0 4wd trans if I don't have to. Would the mainshafts interchange...

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