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  1. Brick+Truck=Good

    4.0l OHV need some advice/tips/hints

    My 1994 4.0l OHV is in shit condition. The coolant is rusty red, the exhaust is pushing out some nice smoke, and the coolant doesn't stay full. I'm thinking head gaskets need to be swapped, and I was told, the heads themselves may need to be changed. Any tips or hints on how to make this job...
  2. Brick+Truck=Good

    Chrome Lettering

    I am looking to find where I could have Chrome Letters done similar to the new raptor front (pictured below) however, I want to have it say "RANGER" instead. If you guys know of a specific place I could have this made, I would greatly appreciate the direction. Thanks
  3. Brick+Truck=Good

    Ranger Cobra ???

    Has anyone seen something like this? I'm tempted to do purely cosmetic work to my ranger, and would like to see if there was ever a "cobra" kit for a ranger. Any information would be great!
  4. Brick+Truck=Good

    Top Speed of 60.. wtf help.

    Okay, first things first, My buddy and I dropped the tranny, replaced the clutch set, the slave cylinder, and the fly wheel. Then the master cylinder. all that said and done, I changed the intake with an aftermarket intake.still a cold air, just now it's a cone style cold air. I'm in florida...
  5. Brick+Truck=Good

    What should I do?

    you could get her to talk to a judge about emancipation from her parents. she would be able to live with her parents if they were willing, but she would have the rights of an 18 yr old in the eyes of the state. she then wouldn't need her parents consent for medical attention amongst other...
  6. Brick+Truck=Good

    Hobart Handler 187

    http://www.tractorsupply.com/-3807126?cm_mmc=Product_Off_Price-_-3807126-_-RT_COL_1-_-20110426 I just found this... good deal or is there something I should know about welding before I (never welded before) buy this?
  7. Brick+Truck=Good

    Slightly new, checking in late

    From good ol' bible belt of Florida. Got myself a 1994 4.0L ford ranger with a side step bed, bits of rust and messed up bumpers. I'll fix 'er up, you'll see. :icon_welder: I myself am a Veteran going to college for my premed.
  8. Brick+Truck=Good

    1994 ranger Topper question

    Is there a specific topper for a ranger side step bed? or can a regular ranger topper fit the bed?
  9. Brick+Truck=Good

    Purely Cosmetic

    I'm interested to see if anyone has done any self done cosmectic work to a brush guard, or body kit parts.
  10. Brick+Truck=Good

    1994 Ford ranger intake

    Okay, new to the website. I've been searching for two weeks with no luck. My "aircleaner outlet tube" tore and has destroyed the integrity of the intake, so I searched for a replacement, to only find they stopped making it. Most suggestions were to find a junkyard... to my dismay the nearby...

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