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  1. Five

    99 Ranger 4L V6 - Starts and runs but takes several seconds or several tries when cranking over

    Dear TRS folks, My 99 Ranger has had this problem for quite some time now. I replaced the fuel pump and filter summer of 2017. It fixed the problem for a little while and it started up faster than usual. Fast forward to present day April 2019. I am in college, Go Vols, and my truck has days in...
  2. Five

    Bumper Fix

    The front bumper of my 99 ranger xlt is bent, and i'm looking for a cheap or diy fix, not a cheapskate but parts are expensive and I can do it myself I will. I've wanted a custom from bumper for it but never knew where to look for one, that being the alternative to fixing it or diy fix it till I...
  3. Five

    Bent Bumper Repair

    So I got into a bit of a fender bender yesterday (4/21/16) and I rear ended a sedan, I think it was either a dodge dart or chevy malibu or something of that nature. Anyway the damage to my truck, I drive a 99 Ranger XLT, was minimal except for the driver's side of the front bumper is bent down...

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