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  1. 4.0l ohv not starting after rebuilt long block

    I put a long block in my 93 had it running til cam position sensor broke . I put new one in with motor on Tdc and now wont.run. I have spark and fuel. Now im stuck please help
  2. Need advice as soon as possible

    I bought a new engine (4.0l OHV) and cannot find anywhere to buy a new or used crankshaft spacer
  3. 1993 4.0L V6 OHV head replacement question

    On my 1993 xlt 4 liter v6 i have to replace the head and i was told i do not have to remove the timing chain . before i tear into it id like to have a second opinion since i have a rodeo to get to and dont have tim for unexpected set backs
  4. 1993 xlt 4.0L v6 wiring problem

    My gauge cluster light, heater/ac control light and running tail lights/brake lights quit working when i pulled a friend out of the mud, and all the sametime my ABS light is blinking but brakes work fine Is it a ground or where and what can i check?
  5. 1993 4.0l v6 ohv compression issue

    Im having an issue with my 5th cylinder. Seems like a stuck valve . ive read in the forums that the intake manifold gasket is an issue with these engines, is that possibly the issue or do i need to replace the head?

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