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  1. Towing with a 2004 3.0

    tried towing a single axle 10 ft enclosed trailer empty the transmission would continually shift between OD and D. Here in Texas our speed limits are 70-75 on most roads and if your too slow people get really upset. (pass in "No Passing" zones or on the shoulder, or will use the right turn lane...
  2. I hate a thief!

    there 4 liitle Rangers in my neighborhood, all of our FORD emblems in the grill have disappeared. Too much of a coincidence. Anyway none of us have been able to find the right size emblem...WTF? Mine is an 04, the others are 03, 06, 07 any help would be appreciated. I did find an aftermarket...
  3. hey Y'all

    been driving my 04 Ranger for a few years now, great truck 3.0 Automatic, stepside. Thought it might be time to upgrade it a bit, nothing wild, ot much offered for the 3.0 anyway..

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