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  1. Updating the 3.0L Tech Page - Suggestions Needed

    Why in the world did you pick a Ranger 3.0 to pull cars across country? Get a bigger truck with bigger engine. The 3.0 is not a tow motor, sure it will pull stuff, but not OTR for 2K miles. Its just not made for that. 98 F150 aluminum car trailer, picked up and Olsmobile Delmont 88 with 455CI...
  2. Hello From Fort Worth

    welcome from Ft Hood (Killeen/Copperas Cove)
  3. WD40 in fuel, internet says it's great (not)

    Only thing that goes in my gas tank is GAS.
  4. Engine rpm

    a cheap or borrowed GPS will give you accurate speed.. even my scangauge in my 04 Ranger shows a different speed than my speedometer....but to the OP yeah those RPMs sound about right.
  5. Towing with a 2004 3.0

    tried towing a single axle 10 ft enclosed trailer empty the transmission would continually shift between OD and D. Here in Texas our speed limits are 70-75 on most roads and if your too slow people get really upset. (pass in "No Passing" zones or on the shoulder, or will use the right turn lane...
  6. 2022 Roundup?

    Just my opinion, Oklahoma City is about as close as you can get to the middle of the country. Find a Ford Dealership to let us gather in... But with fuel prices rising...I don't know
  7. I hate a thief!

    thanks I never thought of LMC Truck having Ranger parts
  8. I hate a thief!

    there 4 liitle Rangers in my neighborhood, all of our FORD emblems in the grill have disappeared. Too much of a coincidence. Anyway none of us have been able to find the right size emblem...WTF? Mine is an 04, the others are 03, 06, 07 any help would be appreciated. I did find an aftermarket...
  9. Membership Map

    I did it alot of members in TX
  10. Found a unicorn

    Instead of painting it do like the Jeep guys do get it covered in bed liner, cant hardly scratch it. tough as nails. and with the gloss it looks good too! guys
  11. Hi my name is Steve and I'm addicted to fixing up neglected Fords

    Its a long drive, But I have a 91 f450 custom truck I rescued from the scrap heap, has a 7.3L non turbo. 5 speed, dually it's as far as I can tell one of five and the only survivor I'll get pics one of these days, they are on my cell. Central Texas, Ft Hood area. Its mechanically sound just...
  12. grille

    I see you didnt get the Ford emblem....I found one on Amazon that lights up...adds 10 HP and more top speed LOL
  13. hey Y'all

    been driving my 04 Ranger for a few years now, great truck 3.0 Automatic, stepside. Thought it might be time to upgrade it a bit, nothing wild, ot much offered for the 3.0 anyway..

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