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  1. purple_fluffer

    why do my ball joints need replaced so often?

    why do the ball joints need replaced so often? isn't this unusual? 3/2009 A-frame joints, 2 lower ball joints 5/2013 lower ball joint (didn't say which side) 2/2014 lower ball joint (didn't say which side) 9/2015 2 upper control arms, ball joint (didn't say which side) 4/2019 "left front...
  2. purple_fluffer

    how to keep new seat from ripping apart like the last one

    got a 98 Ranger. replaced the drivers seat with a new one. the old one got tore up where your left butt cheek hits the seat every time you get in, smashing the fabric against that round metal joint that sticks up. this new one is getting started on the same thing. any tips on how to protect it...
  3. purple_fluffer


  4. purple_fluffer


  5. purple_fluffer

    sticky gas pedal

    gas pedal sticks, only at idle. because the throttle sticks on the idle screw. does that when cold. does not do it with a warm engine. I know that's it because I opened the hood, removed the plastic cover off the throttle, looked at it, twiddled it around with my fingers and saw for myself...
  6. purple_fluffer


  7. purple_fluffer

    stalling problem every few days

    1997 ford ranger. intermittent problem. happens every few days. truck stalls. can be on the interstate or idling in a parking lot, doesn't matter. runs rough for a few seconds, then stalls. might cough and pop, then starter cranks engine very easily as if no compression. will not start at all...
  8. purple_fluffer

    what can someone do to mess up my fuel pump?

    last time I took my truck in to replace timing belt, spark plugs, MAF sensor, then went to a particular store to get a safety inspection. after a few days the fuel pump went out. this time I had a bunch of front end suspension work done to it at a different store... and went to that same...
  9. purple_fluffer

    intermittent no start

    1999 ranger 4 cyl. every few days this problem happens, never can tell when it's going to, doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot, doesn't matter if it has been driven somewhere already or not. cranks over like normal, motor starts like normal for a split second but immediately conks out...
  10. purple_fluffer

    how do you get this #### thing off?

    got a 99 ranger, changing the timing belt, have to take the AC off and the 20 lb chunk of metal it's screwed onto they call a bracket. it has a 5 lb 10" long arm at the bottom with a roller wheel from a 100 lb. safe stuck on it for the serpentine belt to wrap around. my problem is, I can't get...
  11. purple_fluffer

    motor not working right

    I have a '99 ranger 4cyl, runs great, haven't done anything to it lately to make it do this so I don't know why it's doing this. drove to a 7-11 no problems. started it to go home, that's when the problems started. starts fine, idles fine, but anything to do with the gas pedal being pushed...

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