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  1. 2020 Ranger (outside of gas station) refueling puzzle

    Nothing to be embarrassed about. By posting the question and having it answered, you've just facilitated the education of a bunch of idiots like me, and saved us from future road/trail-side frustration.
  2. 20th Anniversary Member Banner

    An excellent use of $20 - color me paid up. I'm rarely here anymore, but this site remains an invaluable resource for a lot of people. Thanks for what you created, Jim!
  3. Rock rails for 98-08SC: fit on 96SC?

    Rocky Road in SLC makes these rails for 98-08 Ranger SuperCab: http://www.rocky-road.com/rangerrockrail.html I have a 96 SC, and am wondering what the differnce may be. If the frame dimensions or shape are different, then I'm probably out of luck. But if it's just a matter of drilling more...
  4. Manual swap complete - but 2 questions

    So the manual 1354 is in and working. Mostly... 1st question I've read here or at ExplorerForum about how to wire the 4WD and 4LOW lights on the dash using the 2 wires from the manual case. But I'd really like to know how to tell the 4R55E when the T-case is in low range. As it is, in low...
  5. Gasket or RTV between T-Case/Tail Housing?

    Pulled the electric 1354 today and have a manual one ready to go in. Got a bit of a shower with tranny fluid in the process. The gasket between the tail housing and the transfer case is in pieces. I'd like to use a new gasket, but that will probably mean waiting until Monday when the Ford...
  6. Considering T-case options - experience?

    96 Ranger 4.0L STX, 4R55E tranny, electric shift BW1354, manual hubs, 150k miles. Every time I fix my electric-shift transfer case, it sooner or later becomes "unfixed" and costs me more time, money, and frustration. The problem is always with low range, 4-hi has never had a problem. Today I...

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