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  1. 4x4junkie

    Parking brake pedal interchange '93-'94, and '95-later?

    Anyone know off hand whether the parking brake pedal will swap between these two year ranges?
  2. 4x4junkie

    OBDII code readers/scan tools, any preferences?

    Or are these things all pretty much the same? I ask because I've found a few that claim to offer lists of "most probable fixes" for particular codes in a particular vehicle, in descending order of probability (based on past mechanic reports), rather than just showing a code for "xx sensor out...
  3. 4x4junkie

    What is this stuff, and where to get?

    Doing some body work here... I need some of whatever this caulk or sealer stuff is that Ford uses to seal these joints against water/dust/vibration/etc. (I thought maybe it was simply "seam sealer"... which I tried searching for on Oreilly's site only to be barraged with 100+ very different...
  4. 4x4junkie

    Anyone seen these locking D35/D44 spindle nuts?

    Haven't seen anyone mention these here yet... (saw it in one of my 4WD magazines) http://www.blitzkrieg-motorsports.com/products/dana-35-44-lock-nut/ It looks like a two-piece lock nut you use to replace just your outer spindle nuts, then you tighten down two allen-head cap screws that clamp...
  5. 4x4junkie

    laptop recommendations

    Looking to get a PC laptop for travel. Wondering who's are the most durable these days (mostly, the screen/wires/hinges holding up to repeated opening & closing), and who's are the easiest to clean all the initial crapware off of it. Looking to spend maybe $600 or so... 15" screen...
  6. 4x4junkie

    Power steering pressure hose O-ring ('90 BII 2.9)

    My service manual tells me that the swivel fitting at the steering pump outlet is a non-serviceable assembly... Has anyone had luck getting one of these apart to replace just the O-ring? (the diagram shows what looks like an inaccessible snap ring inside that holds the swivel part of it...
  7. 4x4junkie

    Chevy Leafs have 3/8" centerpins??

    Has anyone running Chevy leafs had problems with breaking these things? Doing a 64" spring swap... Wondering if I should drill the leaves out slightly to fit the bigger 7/16" pins like RBV springs use... (a buddy of mine years ago broke two of them under his K5 Blazer, though he did drive like...
  8. 4x4junkie

    Cannot find www.google.com

    I've got an extremely strange problem here with a single computer in the house that's got me at wits end... If I type in www.google.com, Firefox tells me "Server not found" (check that I typed it correctly and/or my network is configured properly blah blah blah). Any other website (including...
  9. 4x4junkie

    Ford Explorer article in Peterson's 4-Wheel magazine

    Petersons just did an article on "How to Buy a Used Explorer" if no one's seen it yet. Decent article... (4 pages worth) They were quite thorough about all the issues to check for (almost too thorough lol), though it seems they still have a little bit left to learn about the axles (both on 1st...
  10. 4x4junkie

    4x4 Suspensions FAQ (*Please Read Before Posting*)

    Welcome to the 4WD Suspensions section, a place to discuss the stock or modified suspension on your 4WD. Before you post, please take a look at the following very commonly asked questions, many times the answer will already be here and could help save some typing on everyone's part and you get...
  11. 4x4junkie

    Ranger (RBV) Axles FAQ ****Plead read here before posting!***

    Before posting, please take a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions to see if your answer may already be here. This section is for all questions regarding the Dana28, Dana35, 7.5" & 8.8" axles that came as factory equipment in all Rangers, Explorers, Bronco IIs, Mazda Navajos, and...
  12. 4x4junkie

    Ways to tell what process is accessing a file?

    I've got a problem with my 2nd (storage) hard drive waking up at random that for the life of me I can't seem to pin down. Probably the best example that causes this is simply opening a tiny .TXT file on my Desktop using Notepad. 20-30% of the time it causes the 2nd drive to spin up. Other times...
  13. 4x4junkie

    D.D. Machine doubler issue

    Anyone else with a 1350/1354 D.D. Machine kit having a hell of a time keeping the 'star' shaped ring piece that bolts to the face of their rear t-case from coming loose? 2nd time this has happened... I think it's because I can't get those flat-head hex bolts tight enough without turning my...
  14. 4x4junkie

    Fuel tank filler neck hose question (longbed vs. short)

    I'm looking at fuel tank filler hoses for my Ranger, and a couple that I've come across say: "Fits 108" and 125" wheelbase trucks" but makes no mention of 114" trucks (and I can't find one specific to 114" trucks), whereas the vast majority of them make no mention of anything like this at all...
  15. 4x4junkie

    Sensor on 2011 M5OD?

    Would this happen to be a speed sensor? Are they now back on the transmission instead of going through the axle ABS sensor? If so, anyone happen to know any details on it? Like... 1. Will it fit in the speedo port of an older transmission or 4WD T-case? 2. Does it use original-style speedo...
  16. 4x4junkie

    Anyone ever SAS'ed a '98+ 2WD XLT?

    Talking the low-stance 2WD XL/XLT with A-arms and coil springs, not the torsionbar model. Was looking at one the other day and I started wondering if the way the coil pockets are actually built into the framerails themselves would lend themselves well for a radius arm SAS (converting to 4WD at...
  17. 4x4junkie

    Question about exhaust resonator

    I'm replacing the muffler on my BII w/2.9L, as the thing pretty much blew itself apart (putting a Magnaflow muffler on it). Question: Should I replace that resonator thing that's after the muffler? Or should I just swap it out completely for a straight piece of pipe? (discovered it has a bunch...
  18. 4x4junkie

    A strange occurance

    Finally took my Ranger out on a decent trail again (1st time in maybe 2-3 years). Going down a somewhat steep hill (20-22° incline I'm guessing) it started smoking quite a bit like it was burning oil. Once down to the bottom of the hill (or maybe a couple minutes after) the smoke stopped. At no...
  19. 4x4junkie

    TTB, hardcore

    Came across this over on Pirate4x4. :icon_welder: < Click me! Warning: Last I saw it, that thread was 18 pages and 470-something posts long. Don't click the little welder guy unless you got some time to kill lol. Oh yeah, it's under a Jeep too, but I think it'll be easy enough to overlook...
  20. 4x4junkie

    ***ALERT!!! 4.88 & 5.13 gears are available again!!***

    For those of you that have been searching high & low for those elusive 4.88s and 5.13 gears for your D35 look no further!! EDIT: These gears are now available right here at TRS Fab & Off Road http://www.trsfabandoffroad.com/products/d28-d35_gears.htm 4.10 and 4.56 are also available.

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