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  1. Does a car’s year legally mean year

    I know, here in Alberta, dealers have to sell a '22 by the end of '23 to be considered a "new" vehicle. Otherwise, the someone at the dealership has to buy it and resell it as used. Not much of an issue at moment, but it was in '12, when they were having issues moving the last of the third...
  2. Newbie here - Not a truck but needing Explorer Parking Brake Help

    I suppose it's best not to assume he has Explorer discs as there was one year that the Explorer did come with drum (which might look more authentic on Cougar) Either way, OP will want to start with the Explorer parking brake cables for the year of axle installed. Then we will want OP to pull...
  3. Wheel hop

    Installing the "quad shocks" from back in the day helped a lot. Soft bushings to ensure a "compliant" ride certainly didn't help.
  4. Wheel hop

    You didn't know the wife's '82 Mustang; it would certainly hop with its 4 link.
  5. Need a tune after regear?

    Isn't @ericbphoto one of those mods who are supposed to know everything ;) https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/swapping-an-explorer-5-0l-in-to-a-1998-2011-ranger/, about 1/6th of the way down talks about PATS and other important stuff like VVS. Only '98-00 had VSS in rear axle, all the...
  6. 2004 Ranger full-time 4wd to 2wd conversion build Post .... saw before, cant find

    You're only spinning the 50 pounds of the 2 axle shafts, the differential gears, the front propeller shaft and the transfer case gears & chain. The other 250 pounds are the housings and the oil in those housings. Which is why Ford only found a few fractions of a mpg, by going with lock out...
  7. Manual hubs vs. live axle - worth it?

    In the later versions of the Ranger, it is "lowered" a couple inches to improve fuel economy. Based on the geometry, it would therefore be possible to shorten the CV shafts a fraction of an inch. When you're making Rangers in the 100s of thousands/year, a little bit adds up. I had the exact...
  8. looking to lower my 98 Ranger but im new to mini trucks

    I went with option 2*: I still need my truck to do truck stuff, so option 3 was too much of a compromise and I needed new shocks anyways (the originals had been on since '98). *I took advantage of doing the drop to install an Explorer rear axle with disc brakes, and like @stmitch upgraded to...
  9. looking to lower my 98 Ranger but im new to mini trucks

    We'll look at it this way: Changing to spring over axle (spring under is the OEM) would lower the rear by 5". So, if you: a. don't want to drop the rear by that much, you need shackles that actually raise the truck back up. Note: As the axle is in center of spring, and the kits only address...
  10. Ranger on Explorer Frame?

    The issue is the body mounts don't line up. The springs for the Explorer are directly under the frame while the spring for the Ranger are outside the frame*. As a result, there's nothing but air where you want to install the box bolts. The solution is your have to make cross members to provide...
  11. 17x7.5 Crown Vic PI wheels on '03 2wd Ranger ??

    https://www.wheel-size.com/size/ford/crown-victoria/2007/ has center bore of 70.5mm as does your '03 Ranger. Both are 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern. Running an 1.5" spacer (54mm offset for CVPIs versus 12mm for Rangers = 42mm, 1.5" = 38mm) puts the load on bearing, steering geometry, etc at more/less...
  12. 302 and T5 questions

    Assuming your location is your zip - there would be 1/2 a dozen M5OD-R2 within 20 miles of you for less than $250 according to https://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi (Just saying, no pushing. Probe slave should work - don't know the exact specs, but it looks the part.
  13. 302 and T5 questions

    OK, I'm not sure you couldn't sell your T5 for more than a M5OD-R2, but you want to do the T5. M5OD-R2 has the advantage of slave cylinder, transmission mounts and driveshaft just work (just explaining why I went with F150 transmission). The ideal for positioning the T5 shifter is to get an...
  14. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    I do everything in metric: 88.9mm bore (3.5") 79.8mm stroke (3.14) 1.65mm head gasket (0.065") 49.0cc head chambers 50.0mm x 0.81mm dome on pistons (its a thin cylinder) 1 cylinder = 495cc head gasket = 10.2cc Compression Ratio aka CR = (495+10.2+49)/(495+10.2) = 9.35 (same as historical) Add...
  15. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    It beat the usual question of "How big of tires can I fit in my Ranger". :LOL: So, you received lots of ... feedback.
  16. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    The Devil's Own product is what ModdBox uses for their 4.0 supercharger setup. https://modd.me/product/water-methanol-injection-kit/ And yes with 11:1 compression, the OP will still need help with keeping his 3.0 from pinging. Oh, I can build a full Rube Goldberg mouse trap for him; I was...
  17. Are there benefits to Water Meth on Naturally Aspirated 3.0?

    The 3.slow is prone to pre-ignition in stock form, so water injection is almost a must for 11:1. As noted it's much easier to implement with boost as you can use the pressure from the supercharging to start the water flowing (technically, you don't even need a pump, you can use the pressure...
  18. Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    Older diesels really "clattered" at idle, but that was because timing was fixed. New diesels use far more pressure, with variable timing and multiple injection, so don't rattle near as bad.
  19. Just how powerful is the explosion during the power stroke?

    I was using some slightly hotter numbers from Navweaps page for the M2 (0.019 MJ) * 6 cylinders = 0.120 MJ (approximately) close enough to the 0.119 MJ for the 160 hp.
  20. 1982 F150 Supercab

    SuperCab long box is a lot of truck. A friend in high school had one (F-150 4x4); very...exciting...when the arse end is rotating around the front on ice and you're on the back bench.

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