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  1. 1989 Bronco II Baxter, MN

    I guess I didn't really read the description. Not saying it's worth $2k, but sadly that's fairly un-rusty for around here...
  2. Cruise shuts off when I use a blinker

    Could be, I think there's a resistor or something you can get to offset the effects of the low current draw.
  3. Cruise shuts off when I use a blinker

    Not sure if this is your issue, but my 94F250 will do that if one of the brake or turn signal lights are out. The tail lights still worked, but the brighter filament was burnt out. I saw an explanation of it online somewhere and can't recall exactly how it works, but the cruise is sensitive to...
  4. 1989 Bronco II Baxter, MN

    Saw this during my lunch break browse today. Craigslist Ad Link https://brainerd.craigslist.org/cto/d/baxter-bronco-ii-for-sale/7478362601.html
  5. Ocala, FL

    Thanks! I’m hoping that I never reach a point where I take the weather for granted. I’m also excited about u-pull yards! We don’t have any up here any more and I love scrounging. I will, however miss the farm yard “junkyards” we have here. I have got a lot of car parts from the guy down the road...
  6. Ocala, FL

    Well the Ocala job did not work out, but I am moving to Clewiston now. There's a sugar mill there that I got a job at. I'm pretty excited to drastically reduce my future chances of frostbite.
  7. Pressure washer

    If you can swing it for a really good one, maybe see about one that can run heated water. Most can't without damaging the pump. We have some at work that heat the HP water, and some that have pumps rated for hot water, much less bulky. Either way they are mean SOBs and clean just about...
  8. Farm and Garden

    There was a big bog behind the house I grew up in, and there were wild blueberries all along the edge of it. We went and picked a bucketful and Mom made blueberry muffins and whatnot and they were fantastic. The wild ones really do taste better I think. The downside was there was also...
  9. Pressure washer

    I bought a gas one, because I needed the power for one project. I wish I had just rented that and bought an electric one.
  10. Fabbed mower deck

    I have an old Deere 68 rear engine rider. Last year one of the anti scalp wheels caught a manhole cover with enough force that the blade buried itself in the side of the deck. I straightened it as best as I could but it's still a bit wonky. Of course not available any more, but I wondered...
  11. What is that "blacked out" data plate on the Radiator Support??

    I’m guessing that’s what this is? I knocked it off a few years ago working on something and just tossed it in the cubby above the glove box.
  12. Have you met a dealer that admits they mark their cars up

    Houses and cars are very different. The value of real estate is relatively stable and doesn't depreciate. Normally, after X years a $25,000 vehicle depreciates to $2,500 or whatever and then kind of flatlines. A few become 'classics' and appreciate but it's the exception not the rule. For...
  13. Have you met a dealer that admits they mark their cars up

    I hate those flashing TBLs. When we bought the Maverick for my wife, they told us up front that there was markup because it is a 'high demand vehicle.' I think it was $1500. Sadly, they are right and if we don't pay it, there's someone waiting in the wings who would, so it flies. Oh well...
  14. 86 GMC squarebody, my introduction to bodywork.

    I got it from Menards, which is kind of the Harbor Freight of construction I suppose. The tongue is a piece of 2X3Xthin rectangular tube, and is bolted between two pieces of angle iron welded across the first two cross braces. So when loaded, it's pulling down on the second cross brace, and...
  15. 86 GMC squarebody, my introduction to bodywork.

    I think I have that exact same trailer. I agree it's quite flimsy. I carried a few too many patio pavers on it once and it bent one of the cross bars the tongue is bolted to. I found out this winter it was actually cracked, no good. I was able to bend it mostly back and weld it, and added...
  16. Taxes and older Rangers

    Ah, I get it now. Thanks for the explanation ekrampitzjr, makes total sense. Not sure wtf I was thinking That made it so complicated to me.
  17. Ocala, FL

    Yes some of the people interviewing me mentioned the humidity and how miserable it is. Growing up, it was always warm and humid throughout the summer, but not quite as relentless as it is in Florida. However, the heat/humidity isn't particularly painful. I do remember leaving for a trip out...
  18. Taxes and older Rangers

    I hear that a lot. I've been looking at moving down there, and it was said cost of living was much lower due to no state income tax. However, ND's state income tax is so low it's almost negligible. I think the highest bracket is less than 3%. I never thought about the tax on labor, does that...
  19. Ocala, FL

    That kind of makes sense. They do that here too, but usually it's only a nickel or so. I've never seen that much of a disparity.
  20. Ocala, FL

    So I had an in-person interview Wednesday and was able to check out the area. With the woods and sandy soil it reminded me of central MN, except there are palm trees. The town itself is spread out, and people seemed friendly. It looked a bit slower than a typical city. Houses seemed to be...

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