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  1. mwood1985

    i need help diagnosin a PO113 and how do i repair it

    my 2001 sohc is popping a PO113 code for Intake Air Temp Circuit High...whats this mean parts wise and how do i fix it cause its causing my engine to idle higher than normal on startup and when its not in a drive gear
  2. mwood1985

    2001 sohc idle running higher than normal

    what would cause a 2001 sohc t ohold an idle at around 1000 in park or neutral but drop back to aroud 5-600 when its in gear. and it revs up to like 2500 on start up. just started doing it the last few days. ive got 155k on the clock. im figureing vaccume leak maybe but anybody got any suggjestions
  3. mwood1985

    replacing ball joints on a IFS ranger

    i need to replace my ball joints on my 2001 4x4. im assuming im gonna have to let the tension off the T bars to do the job but need a little instruction on the proper way to do it or a walkthrough. the tech library article is on the ttb and with my ifs that dont work so well lol
  4. mwood1985

    ifs ranger front diffs

    i need a new front diff for my 2001 ranger 4x4. im gonna pull a couple for a replacement and an extra from the local Pull a part and was wondering if all the 98+ rangers and 95+ explorers use the same diff and all with the only difference being the CV shafts and what gear ratio it is ?
  5. mwood1985

    reading ABS codes

    how do i read ABS codes like i would engine codes? my ABS light came on and id like to know why
  6. mwood1985

    ford trac loc diffs

    http://www.summitracing.com/parts/FMS-M-4204-F288/ is this one worth a damn? im on a big budget and need a posi and for 200 it aint bad if i can put a couple more clutches in and make it lock tighter
  7. mwood1985


    how do i tell what alternator i have? mine went out and id like to switch to the 130 amp off the explorers and it was a ranger option as well. i figure since i have the top of the line ranger from 2001 it might already be a 130
  8. mwood1985

    Frankenstien Ranger/Explorer 8.8 Questions

    i was wondering if you could put explorer 31 spline limited slip carriers and axles in a Ranger axle housing and get the same effect of the Explorer 8.8 swap without having to set pinion angles an relocate shock mounts
  9. mwood1985

    8.8 lockers/limited slip advise

    ive got a 2001 4x4 ranger. im running 33s and 4.10s with open diffs now with the intentions of going to 4.56s or 4.88s and 35s when my superlift gets here. and its time to get the rear end some sort of posi unit. i talked to the 4wheelparts guys snd they said the lockrite dont like more than a...
  10. mwood1985

    effects of high flow converters on engine performance

    how would removing the two main cats and replacing them with a magnaflow high flow on a 2001 4.0 affect the 02 sensors and engine performance? the final sensor is bettween the two main cats. i'd like to remove them to do a custom exhaust for better sound and performance while using a high flow...
  11. mwood1985

    pictures of a 98+ body lifted ranger back bumper brackets

    i need some help guys i can figure out how the brackets bolt on. can someone throw a couple pictures up or a 3 inch PA body lift installed with the back bumper on? if i bolt it the way the kit says none of the brackets want to line up they are way off so i could use a hand by seeing one already...
  12. mwood1985

    high beam low beam mod?

    is there a way to safely make the low beams stay on when i flip the high beams on?
  13. mwood1985

    playing with a factory original tbar suspension to get a little more lift after a Tba

    anyone know of a way to get a little bit more lift out of a 2001 t bar 4x4 suspension? i already cranked the bars most of the way up, but with explorer springs out back it has a slight 1 1/2 inch rake forward. and i hate that lol. would a slightly longer bolt on the tbar Key be ok or what? i...
  14. mwood1985

    Im shopping for a new truck

    with some recent developments in my life ( ie the babys here :) ) im finding the need to get a new daily driver thats got a back seat. my ranger is hands down my favorite vehicle ive ever owned and ill probably be buried in it. but even the extended cabs arent kid friendly. moms got a 04...
  15. mwood1985

    Rangers in music Video

    Rangers in Music Videos...i just saw a Steppie 2wd in Chris Youngs "man i wanna be" Video. thought id share that random little bit of info
  16. mwood1985

    Cooling fans for the 4.0 sohc

    anyone know what mechanical fan i can use for a 2001 sohc engine? my original is got some warping that causes it to run off balance and i need to replace it. or what would i need to do to switch to an electric fan
  17. mwood1985

    my engine is overcooling HELP!!!

    i have a 2001 4.0 and im having a OVERCOOLing issue.the temp guage bearly rises about the c mark on the guage. i ran it 60 miles at 70 miles an hour and it ran just fine. i have a body lift on and havent finished putting the front bumper on but it ran normal til i shut it down then cranked it an...
  18. mwood1985

    OMG im in HEAVEN!!!!! ITS BACK!!!

    http://www.fordvehicles.com/newsevents/news/newsdetail/?id=225 i got a 91 Fox body and its my first love car wise... and behold the holy grail returns i cant believe i didnt see it sooner. looky what i found. Ford wised up and brought the 302 back. EAT THAT CAMARO!!!!!! lol sorry for the rant
  19. mwood1985

    lol in the country un the usa and canada the cops wouldnt have bothered to show up

  20. mwood1985

    Dream job in Georgia

    so after being unemployed for 6 months, moving to a different state, getting in a wreck and almost getting arrested my luck has changed...got a job today working in a shop that restores classics and does regular repair work too. there is a 1970 Cuda with a numbers matching 440 6pack a 1968...

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