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  1. rangerrookie429

    Anyone From NB???

    So I've seen a few Newfie threads, and I know there are some boys from Nova Scotia, but for GOD's sake is there anyone else here from New Brunswick??:dunno:
  2. rangerrookie429

    Hillbank any good?

    I've been looking into a drop for my 99 and I think I wanna go with a 2-2. I've already found how to flip the spring hangers and I also found the Hillbank coils. Anyone know if theyre any good? I also noticed they have Roush sway bars, anyone running them?
  3. rangerrookie429

    Mach Gauges???

    Soo, I was searching on Kijiji (read Craigslist) and found what i assume is a great deal on a 2004 Mach 1 gauge cluster. I've seen Sport Trac gauges and i assume that's a plug and play deal, anyone know if the 'Stang cluster would even fit?
  4. rangerrookie429

    4r44e Floor Shifter??

    I was doing some research on the site and the automatic tech page says that the 4R44E is and updated A4LD. If this is the case, could a floor shifter from a BII with an A4LD be adapted to be used on a 4R44E???
  5. rangerrookie429

    Project Hooligan

    Alright, I think it's time so I'm launching a build thread. I wanted to call it Project Yard Ape... 'till I found out it was a racial slur...(thanks urban dictionary :icon_thumby:) So I'm settling. Anyways, this is what I purchased in February '10. First thing was first, I needed new tires...
  6. rangerrookie429

    Magazine Cover

    Put my truck on the cover of a magazine, thought the S-10 shot was pretty clever haha. [/IMG]
  7. rangerrookie429

    Rookie Build

    Alright, so we're starting the tonneau cover build. Got the angle iron mounted and painted up, and the bolt heads counter-sunk and epoxied in. All we need to do now is to cover the plywood in flooring foam, vinyl, attach the piano hinge, and put it all together.
  8. rangerrookie429

    Sunday night special

    ]Not much to do in this town on Sunday night. Me and a buddy with a Sonoma :lame: decided to do a little photo shoot. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  9. rangerrookie429

    Ranger at Prom

    Took the ranger out to prom. Date was pretty impressed haha. [/IMG]

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