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  1. DeathRanger

    Hydrogen powered Ranger

    With pre-starting, running heater and leaving it idling, My ranger often sees a 30% hit to mileage in the cold as well. and don't forget Diesel's need plugged into the wall when it gets really cold to keep them warm as well. 50% range loss is true for some EV's. The Model Y for example has alot...
  2. DeathRanger

    Hydrogen powered Ranger

    My experience is the Tesla keeps historical info on energy usage while driving. 250-300wh/mile is normal It uses this info to determine total range. Meaning that if you drive fast and hard alot, it will try to reflect that and show you less range than someone who drives lighter
  3. DeathRanger

    Hydrogen powered Ranger

    yes, there is some range loss due to cold and running heater but you can add 200 miles in 15 minutes with a Tesla Supercharger If a supercharger isn't available, a level 2 charger will add 30 miles an hour. so find a place with destination charging and charge your car while you eat and shop...
  4. DeathRanger

    Hydrogen powered Ranger

    I think the key to future is spreading demand across all forms of energy and creating hybridized vehicles that run on more than 1 fuel source This is new prototype offroading vehicle. https://www.motor1.com/news/533398/fering-pioneer-range-extended-truck/ The truck has a max range of almost...
  5. DeathRanger

    Hydrogen powered Ranger

    This is not the way $140,000 for base conversion $183,000 for top of the line https://www.motor1.com/news/533331/ford-ranger-h2x-warrego-pricing/
  6. DeathRanger

    Buying a crossbow

    I just started crossbow hunting last year. Bought a cheapish Bear X crossbow for about $400. Nothing fancy but it was flawless and dropped a deer at 30 yards on 1st shot. I eventually want a TenPoint. they are quite pricey, but super quality. I highly recommend go and test some crossbows out...
  7. DeathRanger

    The importance of running Top-Tier gasoline in your 2019+ Ranger.

    Wasn't aware of the Top Tier designation but I've always been picky about only buying gas at QuikTrip. Seems they use Top Tier gas https://www.quiktrip.com/gasoline
  8. DeathRanger

    Farm and Garden

    Ok you got me there :) These are the 2 I used previously. It took alot longer to mow
  9. DeathRanger

    Farm and Garden

    Finally gave in and got rid of riding mowers for a fancy new Zero Turn Ferris IS600Z
  10. DeathRanger

    Anybody use security cameras in/on their house?

    Top 3 I've heard of for standard, quick and easy consumer cameras Wzye - https://wyze.com/shop-wyze Blink - https://blinkforhome.com/ Ring - https://ring.com/security-cameras
  11. DeathRanger

    Anybody use security cameras in/on their house?

    Depends on how "secure" you want them to be. Most of the easy setup cameras with phone apps are really insecure and could allow someone to connect to your cameras without your knowledge. Mine are no-name cheap hard wired cameras with a 1TB hard drive for local storage. I much prefer hard wired...
  12. DeathRanger

    What did you do to your 2019 and up Ranger today?

    Thanks. I'm very partial to orange vehicles. I've had two 2000 rangers in the orange/Mandarin Gold Metallic color. I knew as soon as I saw the revamped 2019 Rangers I would be getting one in Saber color at any cost. Only other thing I really want to change would be adding a widebody kit but...
  13. DeathRanger

    Discussion concerning 2021

    Nice! I'm around a consistent 21 mpg for past few months. Before covid when I was driving highways @ 80mph all the time I usually got about 24 mpg.
  14. DeathRanger

    ranger has competition = maverick

  15. DeathRanger

    What did you do to your 2019 and up Ranger today?

    I'm not sure, I paid to get it detailed. I needed it cleaned off asap and I was afraid of messing up the paint so I just let a pro do it. I saw lots of recommendations to use wd40 but I think he used a professional product
  16. DeathRanger

    What did you do to your 2019 and up Ranger today?

    Kansas/Missouri country roads paved with chipseal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipseal. Must have hit a fresh patch of oil.
  17. DeathRanger

    What did you do to your 2019 and up Ranger today?

    Road tar removal and polish Before After
  18. DeathRanger

    HVAC Vacuum Leak?

    I would guess vacuum leak from a bad hose. I used to have the same symptoms. I cant find exact pictures but it was a small grey hose on left side of engine that had melted and left dangling. 2nd picture is where it should be plugged in
  19. DeathRanger

    More Bronco hear say.

    So if you had all the money to buy a new jeep or a new bronco for offroading. Which one would you buy?
  20. DeathRanger

    Just saw this

    they worded it wierd. a tesla has equivalent of 2.5 gallons of gas yet gets 300 miles ranges. so at $9 for equivalent gas. sounds to me like they would have spent $15-20 for a full charge