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  1. cammeddrz

    The parable of the pizza place

    This is a story that actually happened to me locally, involving off road "product", it was so ludicrous i had to share it. I have changed the specifics to be a pizza place analogy. I have been "buying pizza" for 8 years from various places locally, and nationally. I walk into a local...
  2. cammeddrz

    2000 explorer column into 1990

    Anyone have experience swapping a 2000 explorer column into a 1990 bronco ii? As part of my 4.0 SOHC swap, i was thinking of swapping the donor rig's column into my 1990 bronco ii to help with the PATS Is it a huge song and dance to swap? Or does it go right in? Will i need to swap the...
  3. cammeddrz

    putting 2.9 A4LD into explorer help

    A buddy of mine has 2 1990 bronco ii a4ld trannies, and his 1993 explorer just dropped a Trans. I know the ex uses a different a4ld, with an additional solenoid or two. So it stands to reason that an older ECM lacks the controls for these an additional solenoids, so it won't work. But in...
  4. cammeddrz

    Anybody ever use a Sterling 10.25?

    In a recent issue of Petersen's they did a writeup on how to build one, the various model/year differences, and how it compares to its nearest counterpart (the gm 14bolt) if I am remembering correctly, apparently there are a total of (3) different pinion options (and thusly 3 different types...
  5. cammeddrz

    Jeep D35

    I read a guy on BroncoII.org who did it. I think it was "Powersrkr" i'll see if I can dig it up
  6. cammeddrz

    Jeep D35?

    I must apologize, I was basing my statement on real-world experience, as opposed to "on-paper" physics of spline angles or whatever. I stand by what I said: a d44, and 8.8 are roughly the same real-world strength the difference isn't wide enough to justify such a grand statement as "arguably...
  7. cammeddrz

    Jeep D35?

    I disagree, an 8.8 is not "arguably stronger than a D44". it's not really any weaker either in fact a D44 has an 8.9" ring gear :icon_confused: the only jeep guys who swap an 8.8 in, are the guys who had a D35 out back. Those with the rubicon (which already has a d44 rear), don't swap in an...
  8. cammeddrz

    Why don't people get it??????

    I am head of sales for a company that manufactures motorcycle parts, we have 2800 dealers, spanning 29 different countries so a customer will place an order through a dealer, the dealer then places an order through me, we ship the product to the dealer, who then gives it to the customer. so...
  9. cammeddrz

    PAINT GURUS-acrylic spray paint?

    i am painting some tubular inner fenders i made, i decided to try something new, i bought some of this, it seems to spray freaking nicely, and cover better than the other rattle-cans i have. being that it is acrylic, seeing as the primer is oil base. am i going to see any adhesion/lifting issues...
  10. cammeddrz

    Best Axle Swap

    i like my d44 :dunno: but the guys on pirate don't want me to like it..... pick an axle, run it, love it.
  11. cammeddrz

    Best Axle Swap

    every d44 i have bought, i have picked up for $150.00 or less. 60s seem to be waaaaaaaaaay more than that. but a 60 is better
  12. cammeddrz

    anyone put a 3rd gen front end on a 1st gen?

    I searched, and searched. and only came up with single pic someone else found. has anyone here put a 3rd gen front clip onto a 1st gen? i know anything is possible with any amount of fabrication
  13. cammeddrz

    2000 explorer hood? what other front clip parts interchange? with ranger?

    on a 2000 ford explorer which front clip parts interchange with other years/models? i can tell that the fenders, header, grille, and headlight are different from a ranger the fenders/header look the same as a mountaineer, but the mountaineer looks like it has a different grille, and...
  14. cammeddrz

    SAS swap 1994 ford ranger

    The TTB-vs.-SA debate is never ending, take everyone's opinion, and decide which is best for you. but ttb has 1 more u-joint than a SA, i.e. one more "weak point" (the passenger side axle literally has 2 u-joints on it) i've also never seen a guy twist and destroy the entire housing of a...
  15. cammeddrz

    SAS swap 1994 ford ranger

    ok as far as the axle strength difference question goes: but that is only referring to the carrier itself, a TTB d35 has pivot points, and additional u-joints. which each one is a weak point that a solid axle doesn't have
  16. cammeddrz

    anyone look at the new gm to ford2.8 tbi swap article yet?

    anyone look at the new gm tbi onto ford 2.8 article yet? I came up with the idea to stick a gm 2.8l tbi system onto my buddy's (RICO9) carbed 2.8l broncoII. so we went to the j/y, pulled the parts and did it. it made it into the tech articles :icon_hornsup...
  17. cammeddrz

    if you could have your parking brake on the front instead of the rear wheels?

    if you could choose between having your parking brake on the front instead of the rear, would you do it? the reason i ask is that i am putting a line-lock solenoid in-line on one of my brake lines to provide with a solid parking brake (easier than adapting e-brake cables in my situation, with...
  18. cammeddrz

    does redline oil contain zddp?

    i am a redline dealer (though i don't much care for it) and my redline rep was telling me that all redline oils contain zddp (zinc) even their motorcycle oils the epa outlawed zddp in motor oils and therefore all oils containing it must be labeled "for off-road use only" like royal purple...
  19. cammeddrz

    flickering headlights/instrument panel lights

    i have a 1988 bronco II v8 swap completed a year and a half ago but i left all lighting wiring un-molested i am experiencing flickering headlights and instrument panel lights (taillights could be also but i can't see those) , not just at idle either i can rev up the engine to 3,000+ rpm and...
  20. cammeddrz

    ok electronic engineers, heres a ?? for you

    i need to charge a much smaller battery on board my truck that is 12vdc but can only take .5 to .75 amps or so. what diode, or resistor or whatever else do i need to install on the wires that are charging the battery? i need to keep the 12v of the existing charging system, i just need to add a...