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  1. Rangers has been replaced

    With a Chevy Colorado;brownbag;
  2. Good buy

    Well sold the ranger today. Now I can get :beer: :D Need to get somthing with a little more power then the 2.3. Anyone selling somthing in the CT area?
  3. Black Mold

    I may have to wash my truck soon:shok: The black mold is getting bad on the back of the cab and window:annoyed: The last time it was washed was about 2 years ago from the guy I got it from. I would think it would have laseted longer right :dunno:
  4. Sun Tac. not working

    I just put a used tac. in my 93. Hooked up to the tan wire with the yellow line (I did this in the engine comp. not under the dash.) But it no work :dunno: Is there a way to test the tac. or am I doing somthing else wrong? One more thing I did not hook up the back light for the tac. Do not know...
  5. 1993 2.3 with a 2.5 head

    I looked in the tech. library but still am not clear on somting. If I pull a head off a 1999 2.5 will it bolt up and run on my 1993 2.3 motor? :icon_confused: All I want to do is get gaskets and go. Also will I need to use the exhaust man. off the 2.5 or can I use the 2.3's. Thanks
  6. 7.5 to 8.8 New drive shaft?

    If I go from a 93 7.5 to a 8.8 will I need to do anything to the drive shaft? (longer or shorter one) I know the brakes are differant I am not worried about that. Thanks.
  7. My 100hp motor killing my 7.5

    My truck has a 2.3 5-speed with 100,000 on it. Tranny making a little noise but is all that HP too much for the 7.5 in it? The truck clunks when driving (letting up on the gas). The u-joints are fine so I think it is the rear. with the truck parked and in 1st gear I can push the truck 6 to 10...
  8. disappointing mileage

    The auto will eat a little more gas then the stick.
  9. Did my MPG go down?

    I put on some 235 tires on my 93 and now I think the speedo is about 2 mph off. Is there a way to find out how many mpg I am getting without new speedo gears? Thanks
  10. Mustang/Ranger parts

    I may be getting a 88 mustang 2.3 for parts. It has new rotors and drums on it. Would these parts fit my 93 2 WD ranger?
  11. 2.3 Mustang Motor

    Is the 2.3 mustang motor the same as the ranger? :icon_confused:1988 Mustang to 1993 Ranger.
  12. Were is your tac?

    I have a sunpro tac and would like to put it in my 93. But where :icon_confused: Who here has one and where did you mount it.
  13. 92 rear in a 93

    I know the 92 rear is shorter but will it fit without any mods? Also will my 235 tires fit without any chub rub? Thanks
  14. Mustang Rear

    I can get one for free if I want. Free is always good Right?:icon_confused:
  15. Mustang Rear

    How much work would it take to put a 79-93 mustang rear in a ranger? If it even can be done that is. Thanks
  16. Tranny making a funny noise

    My tranny on my 93 (2.3 5-speed) is making a winning noise at idle. If I move the shifter L to R it changes pitch. If I push in the clutch it stops. It also makes the sound driving but not in 4th or 5th gear. What could it be:dunno: Thanks
  17. Junked 8.8 and 5.0

    Well no one wanted the mountaineer parts so the were junked 5.0 8.8 4 10 posi went to the bone yard today
  18. Mountaineer Parts

    I just got a 1997 mountaineer for parts. Can I use the Alt. on my 2.3? Also will the E-Brake cable work, mine is played out. Anyone need any parts it has the GT40 P heads. Thanks
  19. MPG Droping Like A Rock

    My 93 2.3 2 WD 5 speed got 24 MPG when I got it in Feb. Now I am getting about 19 MPG:sad: I got this to save money on gas I know I have about 3 to 5 hundred pounds of scrap in it most of the time but I would think I would get better then what I am getting now. Would a tune up help any ?
  20. Chevy truck add

    Is this funny. I just had a chevy truck add pop up here. :icon_twisted: