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  1. snoranger

    New to forum, looking for advice

    The M5OD trans has a known issue with the 3 shift rail plugs on the back of the top cover. Over time the rubber plugs start to leak... keep an eye out for it.
  2. snoranger

    Looking for a name

    My daughter calls it “mom’s minivan”.... she really knows how to annoy my wife.
  3. snoranger

    Looking for a name

    Some people need the joke spelled out for them.
  4. snoranger

    Looking for a name

    It’s a Bronco too.
  5. snoranger

    Looking for a name

    First... Welcome to the BS family. Second... Good choice on the Badlands. The 2.0l Ecoboost make these way more fun then that 1.5l 3 cylinder.
  6. snoranger

    TFL EV

    This just needed to be repeated.
  7. snoranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    This ⬆️... I’d adapt an E450 trans outputshaft brake to the rear of the transfer case WAY before I’d put one on the rear axle.
  8. snoranger

    Topper boot.

    It’s time for a junkyard run... go find a rear HVAC box from a van or bigger SUV.
  9. snoranger

    Spring bracket bolt torque?

    Stover nuts.
  10. snoranger

    Drill bits

    It’s to deter people from using it for general grinding... you have to unbolt it and remove the cover. I have no clue how old the grinder is... I’ve only worked here for 8 years. It’s been like this as long as I’ve been here.
  11. snoranger

    Drill bits

    You guys don’t have a grinder dedicated to drill bit sharpening?
  12. snoranger

    Engineers: Old vs new engine tech

    You mean Turbo Coupe... The SuperCoupe was V6 supercharged.
  13. snoranger

    Ford Ranger Pursuit

    Anything under 1/3 throttle from a dead stop and my 10 speed skips 2nd and 4th. I’ve never really watched it downshifting to see what it does.
  14. snoranger

    Spring bracket bolt torque?

    That makes sense. You need less effort with a longer breaker bar... That would eliminate the need for the extra dugga.
  15. snoranger

    If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    The only reason I know it was a Caballero is that my neighbor had one... and he got really annoyed when you called it an El Camino.
  16. snoranger

    Spring bracket bolt torque?

    The m12 x 1.25 lug nuts on my SxS call for 85 lb-ft... that’s for a tapered seat on aluminum wheels. Your exact spec for the spring hangers should be close to that.
  17. snoranger

    If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    GMC Caballero
  18. snoranger

    My $3,500 Jaguar

    We usually have auctions in September.
  19. snoranger

    My $3,500 Jaguar

    We just impounded one of these yesterday (along with a Maserati) from a drug deal gone bad. Sorry, I’m not allowed to post pics of impounds, but it has big chrome wheels with rubber band tires.
  20. snoranger

    Lifted Miata

    Steering axles allow the trailer to kick out. If the trailer doesn’t have enough weight, they have hydraulic cylinders that attach to the back of the truck to force the trailer to stay out. Those cylinders can be put in bypass to allow to trailer to act like a normal trailer.