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  1. dmb2613

    1999 ranger 4.0 auto

    I picked up my truck Friday, had a tranny put in it. Works like a new one, with a life time warranty including parts and labor. Well lo and behold the heater stopped heating. Had a new thermostat installed when the tranny was put in. One hose hot and the other cold , flushed the core no love...
  2. dmb2613

    1998 3.0 high idle when clutch is pushed in UPDATE

    It is worse when it is cold , engine reves to 3000 at stop sign [ manual trans] it will come back down but takes a minute or two. I installed a new IAC valve same thing. Thoughts please Thanks David
  3. dmb2613

    98 B3000 clutch

    hey guys my clutch has to be almost pushed to the floor to get it into gear. is this normal for a new clutch it releases about 2 inches from the floor Thanks David
  4. dmb2613

    Idler pulley from Rock Auto

    I have an idler pulley that I bought from rockauto, it is for a 1998 3.0 It says It will not work with the original bolt and spacer . Where can I get the correct one?
  5. dmb2613

    David in VA

    I think I have posted here before but am not sure so here goes. I am old and have a few rangers that I have gotten in the past 6 months or so . I may be in my second childhood lol I have learned that the automatics are not very good transmissions as far as backing up
  6. dmb2613

    1993 ranger 3.0 auto 2 w dr bad transmission no reverse

    Hey Al, I have a 2003 ranger with a 3.0 and a good automatic trans. How much changing will I have to do to use it? Thanks ahead of time David
  7. dmb2613

    1999 ranger 4.0 4 codes

    4.0 engine , po133,po135, po155 and p1309 I am thinking put in 2 co2 sensors ?